Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog Award

I have been super late in posting about this blog award which Pooja of Musings of a Novice passed on to me. I am so happy to receive this Award !! Thank so much Pooja !! She's a young blogger from Bangalore and here blog is not restricted to few topics... She loves reading books and i remember reading somewhere she has a huge collection of books, and that might be the reason of her polished and nicely written posts .

So, now the rules to accept the award.

1. thank the person who gave you this award.

2. tell 7 facts about yourself.

3. pay it forward to 7 bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

Lets begin.
 1. Thank you soo much Pooja, for the award !!

2.  The toughest part.. 7 facts about me (sry if it get boring :P)

  •  I am not a professional Makeup Artist (many people ask this :P )
  • My eye colour is Hazel, not green not brown its Hazel, i remember having an argument with someone about my eye colour, and that person was so sure that my eyes are brown, as if it made any difference... HUH !!! 
  • I love Nude lipsticks more than Pink.
  • I never apply Kajal ^_^
  • I am very short... just 5'1 . :( but m happy with it... i have learned to take advantage of it !! hehehe
  • Hard to believe that despite being short i was the caption of  my Basket Ball team in my 9th and 10th grade.
  • I am a Huge Foodie and love to cook ,   
    Now its time to share Love ! <3
my passing ths award to..
Gia from
Fizza from
Rati from
Rima from
Sheetal from
Rakhshanda from
Pooja from

So, thanks Pooja Menon and everyone  for liking and commenting on my blog !!
 am off to edit a new post... see u soon...


  1. awww!! thank you for the award, deeptima. And I love you for who you are. I think it's your height that makes you look so cute and adorable. You are a beautiful person at heart and that makes you so special . Mwwwaah!! Thank you. :)

  2. u wer a basketball captain !! so cool..nice..n u knw u do look good wit kajal too..I love ur nude lip looks..

  3. great blog.. I am following it :)

    blog awards sounds good....i wish i get it sometime :p
    i am new to blogging
    please check out my at blog
    its on everything girly and glamorous!!

  4. You're welcome. you used to be BB captain. Thats really cool. I'm a foodie as well. But just starting to love cooking.

    Thank you :-*
    that's so sweet of you stupid girl! :D
    And the fact that you're 5'1 is super cute hahahah :D
    small girls look like a doll you know?
    Okay enough of ego Boosts :p
    I will post it on my blog soon!!!!!
    I love you :)

  6. Thanks for the award.. u r such cutie pie :)

  7. thank u so much Deeptima :)))look good wid kajal too..ur so cute n beautiful ... good@heart....luv ya muaah !! gonna share d love n post this soon !!!

  8. hi dear..thnx for the award n same pinch we both 5'1" n lefty..hehe


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