Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fizza's MAC Giveaway !!

My blog has become a Giveaway blog with soo many Giveaway posts... hahaha.. but this post is special, as this is specially for my Friend Fizza form the GlamBlabber, and her Facebook Fan Page is TheGlamWorld
Here is short vid exclusively for my Blog friends!!
Click Here to Enter her Giveaway, the Giveaway Ends on 20th January  2011 @ 12 a.m IST.
See you der !!


  1. Awwwwwww thanks for this post...I am participating there..I hope to win her's and your's as well :D :P
    One thing..because of background music I couldnt heard what you were saying in video :(

  2. oh my bad !! u can stop the music by clicking on Hello Kitty's hand.. its on the right side of the blog.. i am disabling it !! :P

  3. the way you are looking awesome in the video <3

  4. aww... thnx a ton !! i was a lil tired recorded this right after my class ! :P

  5. thank u soooooo very much ...:))))m very excited ..... I'm glad u took pains 4 me to create a vid ... it really means a lot to me ...once again many many thankzzzzz frm the inners of d heart :))))) luv ya!!


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