Thursday, January 27, 2011

kkcenterhk Lash Review and Tutorial on How to apply lashes

You might have seen kkcenterhk's lashes being reviewed on many blogs , and you might have noticed almost  everyone reviewed different lashes, so you can guess how big and different their collection is. I am very late in reviewing these lashes as i got these lashes around 20 days back... i was busy trying the lashes and the glue to give you an honest and useful review.
kkcenterhk asked me to pick few lashes form the ES brand... i had a tough time choosing the lashes... being it the first time i couldn't ask them to send 3 to 4 packs as its little unethical... so i wisely thought and choose a design which i dint had already, i compared the lashes on the site with the lashes i already had.. hehehe.. i ordered
Long Cross Black False Eyelashes A051 ES, and
Purple False EyeLashes Eyelash Lashes A067

they sent glue (eye putti ) and bottom lashes as well. 

kkcenterhk have a variety items on their site... you get wigs, false nail art nails, HUGE HUGE options for eyelashes from different brands... Criss-Cross Lashes, Natural Lashes, Feather EyeLashes, Individual Eyelash, Glamour Lashes, Luxuriant Lashes, Human Hair Lashes, Vibrant Lashes, Lower Eyelashes... you name it and you'll find it there, a beginner can get totally lost if she is visiting the site without being sure of what shez looking for , you would want to get all the lashes...hehehe, a perfect place to shop for lashes if you are MUA.
they have a huge range of dramatic as well as everyday wear lashes.
You can choose lashes on the basis of:
  • Usage (Dramatic or daily wear)
  • Colour
  • Size of your eyes
  • Price 
  • Quality
  • Requirement ( if u want heavy lashes or Long lashes)
My Favorite lashes are Long Cross Black False Eyelashes A051 ES.

  • The structure of these lashes are similar to the structure of my natural lashes
  • Long lashes make you eyes more intense and more feminine
  • Best thing they don't shine to give artificial effect
  • Doesn't feel heavy on the lids
  • Hair are pretty soft
  • Best of everyday wear
  • Clear line makes them look more Natural 
  • Can be reused many times. :) (i have used it for 5 times now and its still as good as before )
Purple False EyeLashes Eyelash Lashes A067

  •  Feel light on lids
  • Pretty shade of Purple
  • Great for Dramatic look   
  • Quality is pretty decent 
  • Hair of the lashes are pretty dense  which is a plus point
Eye Putti

  • Eye putti is actually double purpose 
  • If u have monolids you can create a crease using this glue
  • Dries Quick
  • Its Black coloured glue so it merges easily with your liner
  • Safe to use, as i dint had any irritation after use. 
  • They have lashes in all price range, so you can choose as per your pocket.. :P
  • Their are site which provide lashes at very low costs but then you'l have to compromise with the quality (telling it from my personal experience)
To Watch my Tutorial on How To : apply lashes CLICK HERE 
{the starting part of the videos is the review so u can directly jump to the review part} 
I have covered everything is my video you can check that out !!
For any other query just leave a message and i'l try to answer it !!

Love you all...Hope you like these lashes... cya !! 
Do Check out the Site !! []


  1. You put them on so well ya..i always struggle with falsies

  2. Love the eye looks that you created using these babies xoxo

  3. Deeptima you totally made the eye shadows look worth it. I love the first look a lot- it's fresh clean , natural and so easy to wear.

    But second look is outstanding. I would have never been able to make purple eye lashes work for me. :P


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