Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'am Bringing the Sexy Back

Hey ladies,

Lately i have been a really bad girl... bad eating habits, unhealthy food... just not eating healthy, have not been to gym for like 7 to 8 months... Gosh!!

I'll start following my diet and workout routine that i used to follow earlier... its not just for weight loss but also to get good and healthy Skin and hair and also to get back in shape... This time am planning to do Weight loss Vlogs to be more focused and determined. This time i will follow my routine strictly till i reach my goal and shall continue it and make it a part of my regular routine. Because i know if i don’t take this seriously this time, i might never be able to do it ...

Vloging will help me to keeping a check on my eating habits and it will encourage me to workout regularly...

I hope i get success this time. If you are also planning to fit in your fav dress again and want to start following healthy and good eating habit... why not join me...

It would be fun if we do it together by helping and motivating each other.

We’ll share our routine and daily food intake, keep a check on Calories intake.

Please Let me know if you are interested in my Vlog, and if you joining me !!


See you guys soon !


  1. woww great way yaar . even M being so irregular in my gym and my eating habits have gone from bad to worse. Would love to see ur Vlogs and yeahh Im totally IN. Lets do this together :D


  2. Deeptima I think that would a be fantastic idea. and you know nothing down what you eat and may be sharing it with others through blogging sort of keeps you more disciplined.. I am in. :D :D


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