Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Women's Day Gift !

Hi all,
here goes my second post of the day... in the previous post i forgot to wish you all a very Happy Women's Day !!
This is going to be a short and sweet post filled with loads of love and affection.

I just couldn't wait for tomorrow to post this and wanted to share my today's Gift with you all.
On monday i went to a near by shop with my friend Mucu (u remember her posts?) and there we saw some new Shades of Lotus herbal lipsticks and i fell in love with shade 690 ie, perky peach but i dint buy it that day because i have similar shades, so i was blabbing in front of "HIM" about this lippie and it appeared like hez not at all interested in what am saying... he was busy enjoying his Tropical Iceberg and chocolate doughnut... hmmmm...

Oh, my story is getting longer and longer just like my videos :P ... hope you guys don't mind... actually we have classes at the same place and our institutes are just side by side but sadly i have morning classes and he has evening classes.. :( ... so, he very well knows where i buy my cosmetics from.. Today when i went to meet him he had few things on the front seat where i sit, don't worry i'll not bore you guys by going in details..
he had this tube like gift in ribbon and i dint even expect it to be the same lipstick...
I literary jumped off my seat.. HEHEHE...
I felt that day he was not listening to what i was saying, but i was so wrong...  !
Thank you soo much for making each day of my life so special !!

Before putting some picture, i really wanna share one more things, the shade of this lipstick is 690 and that is a lucky number for us, wanna know why??
My Birthday is 9/6 (nine June)
His Birthday 6/9 (sixth September)
Cool na... hahaha...lil silly but i like relating it... lol

So, here is my new addition to my lipstick collection... Tadaa...

Swatches :

I love this pinkish peachy lipstick.. its soo sexy and subtle at the same time .. love love love the shade.. if you are a sucker of nude lipsticks like me, don't dare to leave this shade. It might appear little pinkish on cool skin tones and beautiful peachy on warm skin tones.

 Colours dint show up in the pictures may be coz of night... Will do a detailed review soon after trying and testing this beauty.

Good Night for now !!

Bye bye !!!


  1. Congrats Deeptima :d
    and a happy women's day to u too...

  2. nice nice, i liked the correlation of 690 to ur bday and his bday :P

  3. thankies !!! hehehe...

    @Rentu: lol... i keep relating things...

  4. Wow Deeptima. The color is nice and I'm sure its nicer to you because it was gifted to you by 'HIM"!!! hahah, nice co -incidence about the date.

  5. @Nivedita: i love the shade ... he made it more special... :P..
    its a great co-incidence, right ??

  6. How sweet Deeptima.. :) lovely shade BTW

  7. Im loving this shade Deeptima..

  8. I went so much into the lippe that I forgot to wish you. Wish you a Happy Women's day and liked the 6/9, 9/6 thing.. so cute :)

  9. hey belated happy womens day deeptima..n dis is so ur color !!

  10. you have a gem in your hands... and i don't mean the lipstick ;)

    the shade is pretty though... :)

  11. @zeebaig : thnk kuuu !!

    @Aarthi : :) thnx !!

    @Bhumika : Thnx !! seriously this is soo my colour

    @Anks: aww... nw i'l make him read this.. :P thnk youuu !!

  12. This pink suits u so well, very pretty...:)


  13. Happy Women's day & love the shade, it looks super creamy

  14. Thnx Jo. <3

    @indianbeautycentral : thnx !!
    the shade is really creamy but looks so shiny in the picture as he had the lipstick in his pocket all the time so it got a lil warmed up...:D

  15. ha ha Deeptima your line "he had the lipstick in his pocket all the time " reminded me of a very very very naughty quote from Mae west
    “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

  16. @ indian beauty Central : lol... tht's really a cheezy quote, hahaha... i told him wht u said and he was all pink pink... :P :P hahahaha

  17. giggles, plz don't embarrass ur man on my account :)! Wish u two best of luck. I'm off to get my beauty sleep as the 9 to 9 grind starts tomorrow! xo xo

  18. lovely shade...i love lotus lipsticks...they moisturize the lips even :)


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