Friday, March 25, 2011

Oliveology Shave Gel Review + Free Trial

Hi Friends,
before posting the video lemme make it very clear 'I DO NOT SHAVE MY FACE THE PICTURE IS ONLY FOR THUMBNAIL" now u might be thinking why am i highlighting this, its because some ladies on YT asked me about it and i got lil worried that people might be taking my thumbnail in a wrong way.
okay so as you know am so lazy when it comes to writing ... so i'll leave you guys with the video...

Don't forget to leave a comment here about the review and Click HERE to TRY it For FREE !!

Till next time.. bbye !


  1. great :) thumb nail :)some people ask silly questions no doubt , and i can see myself in the link you provided i didn't know that :))

  2. oh ya... even i noticed it right now.. congrats !!

  3. Hey Deeptima,
    Great review ! I am following your blog..Thanks :)
    gel nail polish


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