Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Porcelain Doll Look

Hey everyone,
as most of you might know from my facebook Profile that i changed my hairstyle and got straight front bangs, and since then i wanted to do a barbie / doll inspired look, then i got these Geo Super Angel XCM212 (14.8mm )from www.geocontactlens.net and Wales professional makeup palette from kkcenterhk.com (the webite is under maintenance ) and i just couldn't resist to try the palette and the lenses.. so here is what i did..

Please excuse my lashes, i know one of them is coming off.. i just couldn't find my lash glue had to use some stupid drug store brand :P , and guess what, the moment i finished taking pictures and was removing makeup i found the glue.. hahahaha

Some more pictures :P

There are tons of pictures... hehehe.. cnt post all.. :P
A closer look at the eyemakeup and lens

indoor without flash

Indoor with flash
Wales makeup Palette

I hope you enjoyed the look and post as much as i enjoyed creating it..
Will make a tute soon on this look and will be posting more pictures on my Youtube channel

See u soon !! bbye !!

Review on Lens and Palette coming soon !! 


  1. omg! perfectly pretty



    I want that palette too!

  2. OMGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldn,t take my eyes off you!!!!!!! sachi!!!!!! i really wanna come there and sit staring at you for hours together!!! looooooooooovvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg this look to bits!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :* :* :* :* :*

  3. what is the name of that new cam you got?? plzzz tell na.. the pics are superb!!

  4. Wow Deeptima you look absolutely stunning! Grrreat look! XX

  5. porcelain doll indeed deeptima!!! very beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous baby doll :) love d contacts , look fab on you!

  7. you've done a brilliant job... looking amazing Deeptima MashaAllah..... luv ya <3<3<3

  8. Deeptima your best look ever, GORRGEEOEUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


  9. thnk you Vinita, you can get tht palette from kkcenterhk.com

    @Siri : awwww... the best comment ever.. thnk u soo much !! love ya.. i used Nikon Coolpix L21 for the pics

    @Shang: thnk u soo much !!

    @Anks : hehehe.. thnk u !! mwahh !!

    @IBC : thnk u ... am glad u liked it !!

    @Fuchsia Magic : luv u too.. am soo happy so see ur comment !!

    @Rati : thx a ton Di.. :) love u..

    @Ash: thank you !! <3

  10. U lookin superrrr adorable deeptima...loveddd it...:*

  11. OMG!!!! i had left a comment before. guess, it got wiped out. super adorable look deeptima........if u were really a doll, i would take ya home!!!! soooooo pretty! :)

  12. Awww....sooo cuuutee Deeps...I must say, you anyway look like a doll with your angel like skin!! :D :D This is sooooperrr pretty!! :) :)

  13. Deeptima..I have been silently reading your blog but when I saw this post today, I could'nt resist myself..You look so adorable. Like an Indian Barbie Doll..:-))

  14. ya Anu.. tht intenseDebate took all my comments.. :( thnx for commenting again would love to come to your house and play with ur makeup.. hahaha !! <3 <3

    @Cali : thank you soo much !! hehehe

    @Aarthi : thnk u!!

    @Prachi : its really great to see ur msg..finally i made you comment.. hahaha thnk u soo much !!

  15. Hehe!! yaay for baby doll eyes..!! i told you that day to do babydoll look when u got ur bangs cut..and now u did..Love it..!! And love ya Cutie Pie..Muaaaaaaah..!! :) :) <3 <3

    I also hav similar contacts..but they are not THIS big,they are circlelens thought....!! :)

  16. Very cute! Love the new hair! x


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