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Wella Kolestint - Review + Pictures + Video

I  have always fantasized to get my hair coloured, when i was in college i even got some red streaks but as those streaks started to fade off they looked pathetic and i eagerly waited for the hair to grow faster to get rid of those annoying dull red streaks, after that i decided that no matter what i’l never get my hair coloured, as time passed i again started thinking about getting my hair coloured, as i feel that now i can take care of my coloured hair. During this time i was contacted by wella kolestint and at first i asked them tons of questions before saying yes for review, after all my hair were at stake, but the PR was really sweet that she answered all my questions and assured that colouring with Wella will not harm my hair.

Within a week i received my colours (not talking about the packaging condition as you guys have to buy it from the market and my packets got little out of shape due during transportation).
Golden rule while colouring your hair for the 1st time, do not pick any shade which is too light or dark than your natural hair colour,
i picked Dark Brown and Medium Brown (for streaks).

Lets get on to the point, 
I had a tough time clicking pictures, my camera was not co-operating .. lol

Here is the picture before colouring,
my hair looking dull :(

Caution : This Product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation in certain cases and so a preliminary test according to the accompanying Direction should first be made. This product should not be used for dying the eye-lashes or eye brows; as such a use may cause Blindness.

Contents of the Kit :
1 Sachet of pre-colouration Treatment (Pre-colour hair product)
1 tube of colour Creme
1 bottle of crème Developer
1 tube of new After- colour Intense Shine Treatment (Conditioner)
1 pair of gloves
1 instruction leaflet

Contents of the Kit 

To avoid any confusion they have sequentially numbered the products according to their order of usage.

  • ·         Just like we prime our face before doing makeup, we need to repair our hair before colouring. Use the Pre- Colouration Treatment and apply it gently into dry hair and make sure there are no tangles. Do not rinse off.
  • ·         Next put on your gloves and mix the developer and crème tube content, mix the entire content if you wish to colour your full head, or mix equal quantities in a bowl if u want to colour streaks or just roots
  • ·         Apply the prepared mixture in sections and distribution evenly on the whole hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for 40 mins or the time indicated by your strand test
  • ·         After completion of the development time, add a small amount of warm water to your hair and work into lather by gently massaging. Rinse hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Shampooing is not recommended.
  • ·         Massage one application of the After-colour Intense Shine treatment into your damp hair and leave on for approximately 2 mins. Then rinse your hair and style as usual.
For tips and Tricks CLICK HERE

So, i followed all the steps and i coloured my hair dark brown , because due to sun damage the tips of my hair got lighter than the hair on my head :P and i also wanted  to try the quality of the product.

Here are the pictures after colouring my hair,    
  Indoor with flash  

Indoor without Flash

In Light with Flash

In Light with flash

Till now my hair feels great, evenly coloured, they feel soft and shiny, and the most important thing No Hair Fall :) 
They don't smell weird, i really like the smell of their after colour conditioner and it really makes my hair smooth and shiny.
I really appreciated the in-depth instructions on the box and on the instruction leaflet, it is really helpful for someone like me who wants to colour hair at home that too for the first time.  

To Watch my Video on Youtube CLICK HERE 

Wella is easily available in stores, you can get it for Rs 519 

One of the question that i asked them and i felt is important to share with you all .

Question : Wella Kolestint ammonia free ??

Please read below what Wella Kolestint has to say.

"Ammonia is safe for hair. There is no negative effects to the hair

 quality. In fact, ammonia evaporates at last when rinsing with water.

 Plus the benefit of ammonia is much better performance in terms of

1)gray coverage 2) long lasting and 3) color richness.

Wella Kolestint is designed to maintain the best quality on hair

colour result and hair condition with its pre-treatment which contains

 almonds and protects the ends of hair.

The conditioner with a breakthrough technology coats and smoothens your hair.

Further we have tested Wella Kolestint with hundreds of Indian Women

and they have found it completely safe. A panel of top Indian

 dermatologist have given the consensus that Wella is completely safe

for the hair and for the person colouring.

Also, very few people are actually allergic to ammonia and the allergy

test before colouring helps to know if you are one of them or not."
So, this was my review on Wella Kolestint, i hope it helped you and after observing my hair for few more days, i will let you know if it makes my hair dull or causes hair fall, but for now it has been a great experience and i really enjoy the way my hair feels and look.

Talk to you soon !! BBye !! :) <3 


  1. Nice review Deeps!! :D :D :D :D I can see the color..he he he!! :P

  2. hehehehe.. thnk u Kimi.. see my URL got messed up wht to do ?? :(

  3. the link on the top.. :( its showing the 1st line of my post instead of the title of the post.. :(

  4. ohh haaaaaaaan..why is that happening? I guess some panga with blogger..since morning something or other going wrong..may be that maintenance job messed up the link!! :(

  5. no actually i published the post without title.. hahaha.. then corrected it.. but now i cannot change it.. :P hehehe.. btw i loved ur vid.. <3 <3

  6. Nice review Deeptima. Ammonia actually doesnt evaporates, but diddilves in water in the ratio water is to ammonia 1:90 just imagine. Its highly solube in water so no issues

  7. Thankooooooooooo!! :D :D :D he he he!! :P :P

  8. Great review! Seems like you had a good experience.

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Thank you so much Nivedita..i had no idea about it.. hehe.. am relaxed tht its safe.. pheww.. :P

    @Saf : ya.. so far am happy.. but if u feel something wrong i'll let u know.. :) thank you !!


  11. heyyy!! great review. really brave of you to colour your hair. i have messed my hair a couple of times. i have coloured it red(Garnier), burgundy(Berina), blue streaks(loreal), light brown( i think garnier again) , dark brown(it was a chocolate brown kinds from revlon series) and black(hehe). even experimented a lot with mehendi. I have not coloured my hair for almost three years now, and have no plans of colouring again.
    love your blog!!

  12. I searched for Wella hair color for my mom, in several stores in Chennai and to my dismay, I could only find Burgundy and Light Brown shades in most of the stores. _Health and glow_ has a huge palette of shade swatches; I believe as a brand Wella offers an exhaustive mix of options; but they (H&G), too house only the two unwanted shades. Can you point me to any online store where I can find sane shades, like Black 2/0 or Darkest Brown 3/0? I don't mind a physical store either.


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