Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Revlon Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Cleanup and removal can be the most painful part of the whole makeup procedure, not only is draining but it is also critical for the skin health,that is why i had to review this Revlon eye and lip makeup remover, i am in love with this product, it makes it so much easier to remove that stubborn Kohl liner and dark lipstick that not only stains your lips but also the area around your mouth.
If you are looking for some pocket friendly makeup remover i would seriously recommend you to try Revlon Eye and Lip makeup Remover, i never recommend any product on my blog until and unless i genuinely like it.

While removing makeup one should be really careful not to rub , stretch or pull their skin, as this can cause premature sagging and wrinkles, you makeup remover should be gentle on your skin and should be capable to remove all type of makeup effectively.

This creamy makeup remover lifts away all kinds of makeup (including longwearing and transfer-resistant makeup)
  • Leave skin comfortably soft and free from residue 
  • Non- irritating
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Won't cause breakout 
As a proof i have swatched few eye and lip products on my hand which always give my trouble while removing makeup. 
1st pic  i applied plum lip gloss(sticky :P ), dark maroon lipstick, cream blush(:P), and shimmery lipstick
 2nd pic From Left to right i have on my hand :
Lakme Liquid eye Liner, Avon professional kohl liner pencil, Glimmer stick (shimmery liner), VLCC kajal , Glitter liner , black cream eyeshadow, MAC brown eyeliner pencil.

You can see i have so many eye products on m hand, i just took appropriate quantity on my hand (usually you dont need too much, i have lot of products on a small area so i used little more)
Just message it on you area from where you wanna remove your makeup, and wipe it with cotton or wash it off with water ..

You can see just in one wipe almost everything has been removed just little glitter from the liner is left.
Washed off with water !!

  was playing red hands with my brother, so if you notice any redness it because of that.:P

How to use : 
Squeeze small amount in to the palm of your hand and entire face (including eyes and lips) using small, circular motions.Use tissue or rinse off with water.

 In Short i totally love this product it even removes water proof mascara's and dark-dark kohl liners  with ease. I would recommend you to try it once, its not very expensive its just for Rs. 160 for 60 ml.

I really hope this review was helpful to you if you are looking for a good economic makeup remover !! 

Note : Product provided by PR for review, but it does not effect my opinion, i stated my honest views and i am not been paid for this review.   


  1. I have been using it for quite some time now..maybe over 2.5 years..its quite reasonably priced so I buy it.The only downside i feel is that it makes my face all the more oily so I prefer water based removers to this one.

  2. hey seems like an amazing product. will surely give this a try.thanks for the review with pics :)

  3. @Tanya : my skin is bit dry and sensitive ... sometime i even do dramtic looks for makeup contest so its really diff to get rid of makeup completely without irritating and harming my skin.. it works best for me.. if the feel oily and greasy i just wash my face and tht works for me !!

    @Anju : m glad u liked it... :) i was drooling at you wet and wild trio post..they look amazing !! :)

  4. sounds great! do u additionally have to wash ur face with facewash after this?

  5. @Vinita : no no not facewash... just with water ! :)

  6. Wow. Looks like a great product. Does it sting the eyes?

  7. It looks like a really nice and effective product! I've personally never seen or tried it before. I use the Garnier Nutrioniste makeup removing wipes, and I believe they work just as well. I really like how you provided pictures showing us how effective it is with taking off the makeup. That's pretty impressive! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Nivedita : it dosen't sting the eye..but if it goes in .. just splash water.. i feel comfortable using it !!

  9. @Huda Kaake : Thank you so much for stopping by.. am so happy you liked my way of review.. :) u made me happy !! :D

  10. Nice review. This seems like a good product. I'll have to look for it in the store next time I go!

  11. :) ... m glad it was helpful !!

  12. FOr the price.. think I can try this once :) Nice review Deeptima :)

  13. Good product and for a reasonble price....I will go for it once my Oriflame one gets over!!.....good review Deeptima

  14. Amazing review..following you..
    Do follow me.


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