Thursday, July 14, 2011

New lashes on

I have my Module Test tomorrow, but i just couldn't stop myself from posting this right now, as i have already delayed the post :P
you all are familiar with , recently they added new dramatic and colourful lashes in their stock and lucky enough i got an opportunity to pick any two of my favorites. Soon i'lll be creating a look for both the lashes, meanwhile here is how they look !!  ^__^

Review and Eye Makeup Looks Coming Soon !!


  1. Love the feathery ones. so pretty!

  2. Deeptima!! Now I am waiting for the eye look. You always come up with such fantastic eye looks!!

  3. wow love the first set of falsies, too cute, do post a look soon

  4. I just did a post on lashes I love them!
    I really like the 2nd lashes with the blue and purple!

  5. @Tanvee : they are super soft :) love them !!

    @Nivedita : thank you sooo much !! i hope i'l not disappoint you !! :P

    @IBC : they are so easy to wear... really amazing.. i really hope these lashes are in stock, worth trying !!

    @Adriana : thank for stopping by .. u have a lovely blog !!


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