Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sonam Kapoor inspired makeup

Hope everyone is doing great,  there are few thing happening in my life, which i would be sharing with you all soon, but just waiting till everything gets finalized. Am not getting time to do something new for my blog so thought of posting all my pending video tutorials from youtube.

Staring from Sonam Kapoor's inspired makeup.
Here's the pictures, followed by the video and lastly the products used (for lips)

In the Video i had Giordani Gold Lipstick in Rose Seduction and on top of that i applied Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Old Rose.

This is it ladies, Hope you like it !!


  1. Old rose is a very pretty color na!....cant wait to hear your news, you mentioned something on fb as well about it, guess its a big thing :)

    I also started blogging Deeptima, started only yesterday, do check it out when you get time :)

  2. i always like your makeup tutorials, its really pretty

  3. @Laksh : yaa .. old rose is really pretty... i'll be posting few pictures of it... its like my natural lip colour, waiting for monday, its really diff for me to stop myself from sharing something with my Online family.. :)

    Checking you blog right away and ya following too !! <3

    @SSG : thank you !! :)

  4. Woww you did a great job Deeptima!!!!

  5. like your makeup and tutorial is really helpful....

    follow back plz, it means alot to me...

  6. love this look@ its like a different take on the smoky eye. very pretty :)


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