Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beauty Angel Cosmetic ~ Green Kit Review (kkcenterhk.com)

In my Previous post you saw my two lovely Makeup kits that i got from kkcenterhk.com , so today i'll review and show you the swatches of the Green Kit.

Appearance and Features : 
  • The kit comes in a magazine format which makes it really appealing and easy to carry.
  • It has Magnets on the edges to ensure the kit is properly closed and your eyeshadows are secure,
  • It has 12 eyeshadows (1.2 gm) and 2 Matte Blushes (5 gms) (but they look little shiny )
  • It has a brush with a sponge tip on the other end 
  • Has a small Horizontal Mirror
  • Comes with Details regarding application  

Quality and Texture:
  • The eyeshadows are Shimmery
  • Lighter shades are kind of frosty 
  •  All shades are nicely pigmented
  • Being of powder consistency they glide on like creamy eyeshadows :)
  • Need to use a good primer to make them stay on for longer 
  • You get a lot of shimmer fallout
Price :  $14.50 

The Good :
  • Dark shades blend nicley without looking much shimmery
  • Great packaging
  •  Creamy texture, glides easily on lids
  • Blushes are quite pigmented and they make my cheeks glow :) 
The Bad : 
  • The Top Lighter shades are very shimmery they look like glitter(small ones :P) 
  • Cannot blend more than 3 shades on lid because they will look all shimmery and its difficult to spot individual colours

Will post the swatches of the purple kit soon , See you guys in my next Post, Till then take care BByEEEE !!


  1. I have smth similar :) And I noticed that in my palette, the lighter shades are way to shimerry and gliter like and tons of fallouts from them :D But it's another line of cosmetics and the same troubles :) Loved the blushes :P


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