Monday, August 8, 2011

Shimmer Silver Look using new Palettes from

Its been a long time i posted any new look, today i did this shimmery silver look using Beauty Angel cosmetic Kit which i got from , i am completely in love with the packaging and design of this Kit, it looks like magazine.. :P

CLICK HERE to go the website
So i used the Purple Kit to get this look,

Here is the Tutorial
  • Begin with a Clean Face
  • Prime your lids
  • I applied little foundation to cover redness

  • Next i applied a dark grey eyeshadow on my lid leaving the inner corner
  • Then i applied a Silver Eyeshaow in the inner corner and blended it with the grey
  • Then i used a Dark plumish brown shade and applied it at the outer corner and into the crease 

  • Blended everything and applied black liner on my upper lash line as well as on the outer corner of my lower lash line
  • Blended the Liner with some black eyeshadow and concentrated the black lil bit at the outer corner
  • Applied the silver eyeshadow on the remaining part of my lower lash line 

  • I applied the Peach Blush as highlight  and blended with rest of the colours
  • To finish off i applied mascara on both lower and upper lashes :) , and its done !! <3

Here is the final look

I Hope you like this look, and am really sorry if the post was little boring :( wrote it in a hurry :(

See you all in my next post !! Don't forget to leave your valuable comments :) 


  1. Hi dear! Your blog is amazing!
    I am a new follower!

    I love these beauty kit!

    I would be very honored to have you in my followers!

    Un abbraccio e ...grazie! Ciao!

  2. i love your makeup...tutorial is so easy...

    new follower
    i would love if u follow back...

  3. very pretty look deeptima !! :))


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