Thursday, August 11, 2011

What happens when your BF reads your FB status ??

My mum was so angry with my makeup stuff lying on my study table, her dressing table and almost every where in my room :( , by now you all must be thinking how unorganized i am :( No, thats not all true, i really enjoy organizing my palettes , lippies , brushes, etc etc .. but whenever i have to make a video i had to pull out all the stuff as i used to store them all at one place, next to each other , sometimes i used to over organize my stuff and completely go blank where i kept it :(
I always wanted to have something to store my stuff in which i can see through whats kept inside, that way you can remember what all you have stocked and can use it.Otherwise with me i keep forgetting what all i have and the product stay there for ever, it makes me feel very guilty and sad at the same time. See through drawer are always great to store makeup stuff as you can see where you have kept what and what all you have and what to buy next :P

So, my mum's anger reached saturation point where she could have thrown my  stuff out (just kidding :P), so i asked on my Facebook Page for ideas to organize and store makeup stuff, and everyone recommended me buy plastic drawers, and even i wanted to have those, my  BF is not a FB person , hez there just to stay in touch with his old school friends, i completely forgot that he is also administrator for my Fan Page, but he never comments or manages anything there, that's all my job :P  but he gets notifications through mail, and he saw my status and the comments but he dint tell me, he knew where i'll get those drawers so he took me to Big Bazaar , (he told me why we came here only after reaching) and in the kitchen section the first thing i noticed were these lovely movable drawers , and i was like this is it...  i immediately asked for the price and the guy standing there said its for Rs 1000 /-  and i told myself they are mine now :P hehehe

Oh, sorry i should not bore you like that... but that guy told me that you can come next day as they'll be having sale, i asked if they have enough of those in stock and he said yes we have, this piece came today only... something inside me kept telling me to buy it then and there, and then come another guy who said  am sorry ma'am we have just 2 pieces, one is on display and only one packed, then what, i asked him to get a trolley and i said we'll buy it , Lucky Enough i got discount and it costed me Rs 899/-

Till we reached our car my boy kept holding the big box  and i followed him like a small child which a BIG smile on my face :P :P

So, lemme pour in tons of pics ^__^ !!

I assembled everything on my own, it was so much fun, i did get my skin in between the locks but i was so excited ,  everything fits in properly and its pretty strong , you might have little difficulty if you try to unlock the parts , actually in excitement i connected the wrong pieces together, had a tough time detaching the parts , but once you assemble it i dont think there is any need to disassemble it !

I hope you also like my bed side Movable Cabinet drawers !!


  1. they are perfect deeptima !! so glad u got them :)

  2. I have something similar with 4 drawers for my papers got for 500 however its not with rollers :)

  3. Thank you Anshita, and Bhumika, m really happy !!

  4. Pooja Di : u got in 500 .. tht great... where did u get it from ??

  5. I was asking my mum some 2days back..if we can get something like this in any furniture I know where to look for!! :)

  6. @pooja G : hehehe... if u find it m sure u'l get good discount ... till 15th Ang everything is on sale in Big Bazaar :P m sure u saw it on TV :P

  7. wow... I liked d drawer as well as the teddyyyy :-))

  8. Awwww... he's sooo sweet!! ( hope he's not reading this becasue I know guys hate being called sweet, but even then, this is a sweet gesture).
    Lucky you Deeptima

  9. I am really drooling over the big teddy of yours :P
    Nice drawers..I use to them too ....mostly pink colored ones..haha... ;)

    sweet bf u have... touchwood...!

  10. now thats really should do a makeup collection and organization video soon on ur youtube channel

    Deepika <3

  11. Deeptima.......if there is one thing I need and wish for at this moment, it is this drawer....I must to go Big Bazaar asap....hey, btw, very thoughtful of your BF to get you this.....:)

  12. @Manali :)

    @Nivedita : even i hope hez not reading, he kind of introvert :P hehehe thnk u !!

    @Tanya : my Siblings gifted me this teddy on my b'day , wow.. pink drawers !! i wish i get them too :P Thank you !! <3

    @Dee : i'll try Dee , thnx for stopping by.

    @Jomol : hehehe, i hope they have more designs now.. do let us know if u get them :) thank youuu !! <3 <3

  13. wao lucky you.... really beautiful drawers you got...

  14. Great buy! heaven knows we all need one to stock our ever expanding beauty collection!

  15. hahah nice! i like the title of the post :D

  16. i have similar clear drawers, but they aren't as large. the clear drawers are definitely a life saver :)


  17. Luks so cute :) :) Ur blog is MIndblowing and u r SO so so gorgeous Deeptima :) following u :)


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