Friday, September 30, 2011

I Got featured in Hindustan times (Lucknow)

A channel/blog that i made just to share my work with few friends became little popular and got little recognition,  i never thought i would be able to make it till where i am today, its not something really big but its definitely something which makes me little proud and happy. I know how and from where i started this journey and it really means a lot to me to see my interview being published in today's (30th Sep 11) Hindustan Times (Lucknow) .

I never vlogged to get attention and recognition infact i never wanted too many people to see my videos... lol , am a chicken .. lol , not anymore though, all the support and encouragement i received from you all helped me improve a lot, makeup always made me happy, and i really enjoy sharing it with you all.

Enough blabbing , here is the article :)

Thank you soo much everyone !! <3


  1. Congrats Deeptima! I really love ur tuts!

  2. Congratulations Di :)
    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Congarst deeptima :D honesty and hard work always pays off!!! love you!

  4. wow...congrats Deeptima...that's a great news!!!

    btw, do enter my giveaway:

  5. That's wonderful and you deserve it because your work is fabulous!

  6. Thank you sooo much everyone !! * big Hug *

  7. Congrats Deeptima! :)) That's a really pretty pic of you.


  8. Whoa U totally deserve it :) Cngrts :D


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