Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inexpensive Long wear Gel liner set on BornPrettyStore(dot)com

Hey everyone,
i really wish you all are having a great time, and i hope all your problems, sorrows and troubles vanishes away, okay, stop raising your eyebrows :P am just spreading love and positive vibes :P
Sooooo , i came across these amazing inexpensive gel liners on BornPrettyStore  , the brand is not familiar and there is no information on the Box :(

Net Product : 2 g 


 Me wearing brown gel liner :)

But i still tried the liners after reading some good reviews, here is what i liked and dint like
You get 2 liners in the, one black and other dark brown, they both have individual brushes attached at the tip of the cap.

  • The liners have good consistency, really creamy and smooth 
  • Both the liner are pigmented , i mean the black liner is really black and brown liner is pretty dark brown
  • The brush is small and soft, it gets little stiff when you take some product on it, gives more control and easy to use
  • Easy to carry in makeup bag, very convenient as you don't need to carry a separate liner brush
  • Safe for waterline, no irritation
  • Odor  free
  • Stays in place for the whole day
  •  Doesn't smudge
  • Takes a lot of time to dry , if applied a thick layer :(
  •  Not water proof (that's y easy to remove)
  • Unfamiliar brand :(
  • Pot is really Small, but what else would you expect at such low price  
Price : $ 5-40 - INR 266 (around) 

So overall , a good liner :)

Click HERE to go directly on the item on BornPrettyStore 


  1. These lok nice and cute. But yes, I am a bit skeptic about totally unheard of products

  2. Do they ship to india for free? Or do they charge extra for shipping???


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