Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Konad Foundation Brush Review + Foundation Routine

So, finally finally finally, I own a foundation brush.. yeyy !! I do have stippling brush, Flat top Kabuki , Sigma F80 but I din’t had a foundation brush, may be because I never got any good quality brush which suited by budget :P ,MAC and other high ends brands are too expensive for me right now as a student.
So, without compromising with the quality I found the best foundation brush from the famous Korean brand KONAD , am sure just like me a lot of you thought that Konad just made Nail Art stuff, I am amazed to see their lovely skin care, makeup ,  hair care, foot care, nail care range, It’s amazing that you can find almost everything on , and the good part about this is that they are based in India , in Banglore to be more precise. 

Am sure you all are aware of Korean BB creams, the secret of Korean actresses’ beautiful flawless skin :P (google for more info ;)), you can find that too on this website, Click HERE to check the review ^_^
So, lets talk business :P, the foundation brush , the brush is excellent for applying, primer, bb creams ,foundation and even concealor ,and it is made up of  synthetic bristles, which are very soft and flexible and they do not scratch your face :P

Synthetic bristle brushes are cheaper than natural bristle brushes, natural bristles are usually from Sable , Squirrel, Hog , Camel , Ox, Pony and Goat
Few of my sigma brushes are also made up of both natural and Synthetic hair, natural bristles which do feel very soft but synthetic bristle are best option if you prefer Vegan Brushes.

This brush is very similar to MAC 190.

This brush will cost you : Rs 410
You can Buy it from HERE

This brush has small bristles merged with the longer ones, which helps in spreading and blending the foundation.

  • The brush is very light, which makes it easier and faster for me to cover my entire face  
  • The density of the bristles is just perfect, not too thick nor very thin 
  • Bristle are very soft and flexible, which makes it easier to blend  
  • Synthetic fibers pick up the product well and spread it evenly on the surface (face and neck) 
  • I have been using it every day, no single hair came out 
  • Bristles do not absorb the  product so less product is wasted 
  • Easy to wash and dries very quick  
  •  It DOSEN’T streak  
  •  Can be used to pat product on desired areas without making it look so obvious(i mean blends well) 
  • Comes with a brush guard , makes it easirt to carry 


  • ·         I need to clean the brush after every use , as synthetic brushes stain easily :P (but anyways foundation brushes should be cleaned after every use:P)
  • ·         Not good for powder products, ahh who am I kidding :P , actually am trying hard to think of things I don’t like :P, the excuse I gave is as lame as think of applying lipgloss with mascara wand :P lol  (hehehe)

    So, in short the brush the worth the money , actually is amazing, I would recommend you to try it out if you are looking for a good pocket friendly foundation brush.         

CLICK HERE for my Foundation Routine Video !!

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Hope this post was helpful !!  tty soon !! bbye !!


  1. lovely review i have foundation brush but i love to apply my foundation with my fingers

  2. lovely brush Deep, so soft and helpful for applying shadows!!!

  3. Sahar : even i used to apply with my fingers, but i felt tht way i used to waste a lot of foundation :P

    @Rakhshanda: it would be too big for eyeshadow :)

  4. Yeah but sometimes, I prefer using big brushes for covering the whole of the lid :)

  5. The brush looks nice..and Thanks for the link love :)

  6. i have a foundation brush from oriflame and its nice but like you said i have wash it after every use..i also use it to put my tinted moisturizer on..:))

  7. Ugh thats one thing I hate about synthetic brushes always have to clean them because they do stain easily and at times depending on which foundation `you use the brush gets to stiff

  8. @Rakhshanda : :) my eyes are really small :P

    @Bhumika : your welcome Bhumika !

    @SSG : you are my lazy sis in brush washing !! :P

    @ZigggaaZigga : yes, u r right, but the good thing is they are easy to clean :)


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