Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Experience with ~ NYX round lipstick + Gloss + Swatches

Am running short of storage space on my PC, so i thought of deleting some folders , pictures, movies and my videos that are pretty old now and i don't like them much, and then i came across of watermarked pictures of my first NYX round lipstick, that should have been posted by the end of June, grrrr... but anyways i though of posting those pictures here before deleting, as they might be helpful for someone.

So i ordered my first NYX round lipsticks from, as the offer great discounts on all NYX products, i placed ordered in June and as far as i remember they had additional 10% off on all item, so i picked 4 lipsticks and a gloss.


  • Main reason that attracted me was their discounts 
  • Packing is good, nothing was broken
  • Shipping cost is not very high
  • I received my products within a week, despite i choose the lowest shipping charges :P
  • Customer Care is very efficient , all queries are resolved quickly
  • You get reward points for your purchase that you can redeem at your next purchase or even transfer to a friend.
I shared picture of my products on my Facebook Page, and many friends ordered their stuff from porkdasiy and am glad everyone had a great experience, so its not only me who liked the site but many more people do.

There are few other sites that claim to offer cheapest NYX products, few of my friends placed their orders but its been months that they haven't received their products and the customer care is of no help (i forgot the site's name :[ )

So, without wasting much time here is what all the ordered, due to heat (you know how hot it is in June)one of  my lipstick melted off but no major damage :P 

L-R : Paparazzi , Paris , Louisiana and Darling , Gloss in Pink

L-R : Paparazzi , Paris , Louisiana and Darling

Here is a close-up of the lipsticks :)

Short REVIEW on lipstick :P
These Lipstick are really creamy and pigmented, i mostly apply lipbalm under every lipstick but till i felt these lipstick doesn't make my lips dry, i like their classy black packaging.

The only problem i had with these cuties was that they doesn't last long on my lips, have to reapply after around 1 - 1 nd a half hour, other than that there is nothing wrong with these lipsticks, i mean what else do you expect from this price range.

Individual Lipstick Price : $4.00
on Porkdaisy : $2.98

Round lipgloss Price : $3.00 
Porkdaisy Price:  $2.50

Round Lipgloss REVIEW
I don't like very shimmery lipglosses, but this is lipgloss has perfect amount of shimmer to it, not very chunky glitters but fine and balanced amount of glitter.They have many different textures to there glosses .
  • The wand is little bent unlike normal glosses which make the application easier 
  • Very pigmented, little goes a long way
  • Stay longer than lipstick
  • Not sticky
  • Sweet smell of candy :)
Finally, here are the swatches of Louisiana, Paris and Pink gloss, i gifted Paparazzi and Darling to a relative.  

Louisiana with Flash

Louisiana without flash

Paris - its a pink shade with blue undertone
Paris without flash

Paris with Flash

NYX round lipgloss in Pink

w/o flash

with flash

Paparazzi and Paris are almost similar but paris has blue undertone and where as Paparazzi is more towards pink.

Amm... so i think this is it, its a really long post :P this happens when you delay your stuff :P hehehe.. i hope this post was useful and you liked it !!

Till Next time , take care,bbye !!!

<3 Hugs


  1. Deeptima is Paris a mauve shade? Im looking for a good mauve/purple lipstick!!!

  2. Paris is not mauve shade its more like pink, my lips are pigmented so without flash it looks little purplish :P , but its pink with blue undertone !!

  3. these loook soooooooooooooooooo awesommmmm on u deeeptima :) <3 <3 :-*

  4. Thank you Nupur Di !! i have already added 6 more lipsticks in my wishlist :P

  5. lovely Deeptimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  6. Wow ur lips luk fabulous and pretty shades :)

  7. pretty pinks..I got tea rose..stays quiet long on me comparatively..I am eyeing peach bellini now :)

  8. Thank you Shweta !! :)

    Bhumika : i also want tea Rose, but its not available in round lipstick :( tried so many times :(

  9. oh i love the lip gloss in pink!! it looks gorgeous on your lips:)

  10. how much were the shipping charges in porkdaisy for the stuff u bought??? all lipsticks look same n pink :-)


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