Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update + Double winged liner tutorial

Hellooooo (With a Big Smile),
Life is so unpredictable, things are not as easy as they seem... am not here to crib about what's going on in my life, but just sharing few things that kept me away from my blog, i am pursuing ANIIT (BSIM- business system information management) from the NIIT , and our center lack professional teacher and staff , the course was supposed to end this September but its has been extended by 8 months, yes you read it right EIGHT MONTHS, we had no classes for a month and i made my mind that'll am leaving this institute and will just give my exams and collect my certificates :( ..
meanwhile i decided to start freelancing, did few assignments but i though this is not the right time, i don't want to start this from a very small level, i want to enter this field when am completely ready for this, during this time i got an opportunity to work with a big makeup brand (sry cant mention the name ), everything was a complete mess, and i was totally confused regarding what to do.. Sigh !!
i guess many of you might have been through such situation in your life, ahh.. okay so now that i have moved on and things are back to normal i'll be posting more frequently, i hope you enjoy my posts !!

So today, am sharing a picture tutorial video (:P) on How to apply double winged liner, it was the most requested tutorial on my Youtube and Facebook :)
so here is the picture followed by the video, actually it was very cloudy when i decided to record the video so instead i thought of doing a picture tutorial :)

Please leave your valuable comments below !! take care !! bbye !!


  1. m ur new follower :)
    awesome tute ^__^ u made d hole thing sooooooo easy..m surely going 2 try is..

  2. Thank you so much Kanika :)

    Thank you Gauri !! :)

  3. this video...great tut!!!

  4. Great blog, im loving it=] im new following u now i hope u can follow back Please


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