Monday, October 17, 2011

Dupe for Orgasm....

Nars Orgasm is the most talked about and top selling blush but is pretty expensive  :(
Oriflame came up with new blushes and they look very similar to Nars Blushes, i had to get atleast one of it , so i picked up this Oriflame blush in Glowing Peach and when i came home it reminded me of Nars Orgasm and i googled for images and yes, it look very similar.
The texture is not like Nars Orgasm , and its just ok ok types pigmented , but its perfect everyday blush for me.
so, here are the pictures and swatches !

Will Review the blush soon :)


  1. i am kind of liking it...will wait for your review

  2. older version of the blush i bought didnt work very well..after sumtime u will see colour gone only golden powder (churaa) will be visible on ur face :-((
    older version totally waste ...dont know abt ths one ...hope it works well :-)))

  3. hmmm looks like a good dupe in the pan ,not sure how would the gold show up on the cheeks.I think Orgasm comes off more gold than peach on the cheeks

  4. Rentu , its good for the price , will post the review in a day or so :)

    @Shruti : i dnt kn abt the older version but as per what you mentioned i guess this one is better :P

    @Pooja : Orgasm is more pinkish peach (read some review on online), but the glitter is not very noticeable once applied .


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