Monday, October 17, 2011

Few Halloween Looks by me :)

Lately my hands have been itching to do some really dramatic Halloween looks but i just don't have enough time in my hands, i have a wedding in my house as well as one in my bf's house, so am busy shopping with my mum as well as his :) , not complaining , AM ENJOYING all this saree and jewelry shopping :P hehehe,
Did you guys check out the Diwali Mela in Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj ?? Its Amazzzzinggggg  ^__^  If you are in Delhi and if you do visit it , dont forget to check the Thai Stall :)

So now lets come to the point, i just thought of posting few looks that i did last year for contests, have a look :)

  • Angles and Demon 

  Click HERE for Video
 Click HERE for Video

 Click HERE for video 
  •  Entry for Bitch Slap contest
 To Watch my Crazy Side Click HERE for Video and more pics :p

  • Halloween looks for Sigma Contest - Snow white evil queen
 Click HERE for Tutorial

  • Porcelain Doll Look 
 Click HERE to see the Tutorial

So this is it !! hope you like them !!
Thanks for stopping by :) 

P.S : most of the looks were done last year , so please dont mind the video quality :P  


  1. OH wow!! Thats awesome!! So much of effort!!incredible!

  2. Wow Awesome you are so damn good, I was actually freaked out when I saw the 2nd pic!!!! Mommmyy I'm scared now :D boo hooo...

  3. @GGG : Thank you , i hope am able to do better looks this year on time :P

    @Pooja (IBC): hehehee :P thnk u !! :)

  4. already all the luks are awesum.....whatelse improvement u want for this year ????

  5. luvd 2nd luk & snow white evil queen luk..!!
    des luks are awesom nd well done=)=)luks lik art!!

  6. You're so talented! Each of these looks is incredible! The one for the bitch slap contest is simply fantastic. I hope you win.


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