Monday, October 17, 2011

French manicure with a twist :)

Guest post by Shruti

Hi All….
My karwachauth nail enamel trick……..
French Manicure with a twist :
Products I used:
Do French tip manicure with the red nail enamel instead of white ….
Now draw 5 dots of white nail polish with the help of toothpick (use the back side of it)…..

Drag the point of toothpick till the center of the dots …it will give it a flower look…
Apply magenta dots in the center of the flower….

Now make leaves of green color along with the flower with the help of toothpick……

Apply the top coat….clean the extra nail enamel on the side of the nails with the Q-tip…….and you are done

Hope You All Like it ……. :-)


  1. wow, tht's simple and pretty , now even i want to do some nail art !! Thnx Shruti !!

  2. liked it!!! very simple and sweet no

  3. yup Bee :) its really swt :) the nail art bug bit me again , now i'll also post a tute soon.

  4. thnxs all :-))))


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