Wednesday, October 5, 2011

VLCC anti- pollution, oil contol and Clear skin range.

Hi ,
few weeks back i came across VLCC's Anti-pollutions range at my friend's shop, after Garnier, VLCC is the only one that came up with anti-pollution range (as per my friend :P) so , i clicked some pictures for you all, according to my friend VLCC first gets its product out in the market before advertising , so these products might be new to some :)
Basically they have three ranges
  • Oil control - Acne care
  • Anti- pollution - daily protect
  • Clear Skin - Instant fair and glow

VLCC Daily protect Anit- Pollution SPF 15 orange and green tea 

its slight orange toned and smell like orange - Yummy :p
 VLCC instant glow and fair Clear Skin 2 in 1 scrub pack Mulberry and Licorice

VLCC instant glow and fair Clear Skin  Face Wash   Mulberry and Licorice


VLCC Acne care oil control face wash clove and menthol 


VLCC Acne care oil control 2 in 1 scrub pack clove and menthol 


I Hope you find this information useful , do let me know your experience if you have tried any product from this range .

Take care !! 


  1. tried the acne control clove and methanol face wash the methanol effect on my a relaxing effect..should see how it treats my acne..hope it works:)

  2. i tried the methanol and clove facewash today...has a soothing effect..hope it works well on my acne:)


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