Friday, December 9, 2011

EOTD and new lashes from

My cousin brother just got married and i badly wanted to wear lashes for his wedding but due to all the rush and chaos I dint get time to wear falsies… hehehe
But anyways, I got two sets of natural looking lashes from, and I have to say they are really gorgeous and very easy to apply, and luckily this time I even got my hands on Duo lash glue(click HERE), the most talked about lash glue.
Now that I have tried the glue I understood why its loved by so many YouTube gurus.

The lashes I got are A886(click HERE) and A829(click HERE)

A829 lashes are comparatively smaller and their structure is similar to invididual lashes , they are like many individual lashes stuck on clear band and they get thick that the outer corner .
They come with a clear band and are very flexible and easy to apply
They so not glare in the sunlight or flash
Here is how it looks,

ES A829

Next is A886, these lashes are designed in a cris cross pattern, with smaller length hair at the inner corner and thick and long at the outer corner.
They fit the eye beautifully and they don’t look very artificial or thick.
Good to be worn at parties, will not glare in flash
Here are the pictures
ES A886

Duo lash glue: Do I have to say anything about it ?? I don’t think so :p
Super duper amazing eye lash glue. 

Here is the coupon code for all my lovely readers :)

unique coupon code : BLGA105DE10
Coupon Amount : 10% Off
coupon code of End Date: 28,Feb.,2012



  1. even I ordered a brow kit from them :)
    Lashes really make eyes look so beautiful naa :)

  2. I love the way the last pair look!


  3. lovely both pairs look amazing on you, especially love the last pic!

  4. love your eyes with lashes.. thanx for review

  5. Bee : wow... hope you get it soon, will wait for the review :)

    @Mavi : :) thnx for stopping by :)

    @IBC : thnk u :p

    Sahar : thnx and welcome :)

  6. nice post...which eye shadow did u use..luks gud

  7. really nice....even total eye make up is really very very nice dear :)

  8. So very beautiful.. I've never weared false lashes..but reading this..convinced me. :D


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