Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sure Men Anti-Perspirant - Review

If you are a guy who stumbled upon  my blog , or if you are a girl who loves to use guy's deo (a lot of my friends use their bf's or brother's deos), or if you are planning to gift a deo to that guy in your class or office who ' really needs one' :P  then this post might interest you.
The Deos are reviewed by my bf,so lets see what he has to say about them..
We got to try 3 fragrances : Invisible Ice , Ice Cool and Quantum.
according to him....

Ice Cool ~ Perfect balance of excellent fragrance & long lasting protection (48h)...i liked it the most!!!

Quantum ~ This one also offers a 48h protection...has a much punchier fragrance though...good choice for summers as it has that citrucy-fruity fragrance...

Invisible Ice ~ A milder variant...has a mild icy fragrance & offers protection upto 24h...although i found it much less than that & the frag. is much too mild , atleast for me...

My Take ~ "Ice Cool"...i found it the Best...Superb fragrance & solid all weather choice...

I really admire the locking system of the cans, decently priced for the the quantity they offer
. The product really stands for what it says... No paseena...  :) (except for Invisible ice, which was way too mild and less effective than the other variants )

Price : Rs 150
 Available at all retail outlets.

Hope you find this post useful !!


  1. ohho...really helpful ;)...will tell my hubby <3

  2. Hey Deeptima...
    I just gave you a blog award, check it out. :)

    Have an amazing day hun :)Happy New Year

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