Thursday, January 26, 2012

My sincere apologies :(

A warm welcome to all those who stopped by this post, am going through mixed emotions while writing this post, a part of me is really emotional and happy after reading all the mails and messages that I received from people who were concerned about me and are waiting for new looks and reviews and a part of me is guilty for not being able to update my blog frequently.
2012 has been quit a good year so far but am not keeping well, something or the order kept me distracted and busy, my frequent health problems made me really moody and boring, although I have recovered now but I think it will take few more days till am completely back , all pending requests and posts will be up soon.
Thank you so much everyone for your continuous love and support.

P.S : Retail therapy really works, loads of products and reviews coming soon ^_^ <3.


Somehow i lost all the comments on my latest posts, so i wasn't able to reply. Sorry if you have been waiting to hear back from you.

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