Monday, March 12, 2012

Pastel Nails ~ NOTD

Hey everyone,
Sundays are cleaning days for me, so i opt for the most pleasurable option,  makeup drawers .... every time i organize my makeup i find so many products that i badly wanted but now i hardly use them, so i keep all those products in my everyday makeup basket so that i see them and use .. 

okay, so i was throwing away few old nail polish bottles and then i saw this teal shade nail varnish from Blue Heaven ,i don't know much about the brand but just got it for the colour sake.

So i have it on my nails today and am still not sure whether to keep it for throw it, here are the pictures let me know what do you think .

What do you think ?
Dustbin or back in the drawers ???

Have a great day guys !!
See you soon.



  1. nice color. The bottle is shaped like a berry m's nail polish bottle :P.

    1. heyyyy shade is awesome :) :) :) keep it
      Wud b gr88 fr Summer

    2. :) , i wish we had berry M in India :(

    3. vish : my frnds also liked it .. i'll keep it nw :)

  2. Really nice shade! You should keep it! :)

  3. loved the color.and it looks lovely on ya beautiful hands spank you if you throw it.. :P :P

  4. Keep it! The color looks so pretty! =)
    plus pastel shades are so in nowdays.
    I myself am hunting for the same color!


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