Monday, March 12, 2012

Yardley English Lavender Gentle Cleansing facial Cleanser ~ My experience

My Sister loves Yardley Lace Body Spray , "HE" loves the smell of Yardley's talc , I love Yardley's Soap.. specially the English Lavender soap (it also works as bathroom freshener ha ha ) . That was not enough Yardley has launched their face washes also, there are very few face washes that i really like, as i have normal to dry skin  i usually stick to cream based face washes but this one was from Yardley so i had to try it out.

The key ingredient of this cleanser is Avocado oil which is known for its antioxidant properties, which heals rashes and also works wonders for sun burnt skin.

i got chocolates with the face wash :P (ate two )

Packaging : The body of the tube is very simple. I love the light lavender colour of the tube, the cap is pretty tight so you can carry it while traveling but i won't recommend you to carry a tube while traveling.

The fash wash also has a slight lavender-ish tint to it. It is a clear gel not too watery, perfect consistency.

Price : Rs 70

Net Weight : 50 g

My experience :
This is a mild soap free face wash, it doesn't give "too much" lather, its really gentle on my skin but still manages to remove all the makeup and dirt. I won't say my skin doesn't feel dry after using it despite the product claims " The nutrient-packed avocado oil supplements the skin's natural moisture and softness."  As i  have already mentioned i have dry skin, so even if i wash my face with water it feels dry.

I HATE face products which have a very strong floral smell , but this face wash has very light pleasant smell which fades off after few minutes.

In Short
For me this product worked, would recommend this to you if your are looking for a mild face wash and if you have dry skin, it even cleans light makeup. (might not work if you are wearing water proof, long lasting makeup, but for that you have makeup remover :P)

They have two categories : Gentle Cleansing and Deep Cleansing, both the categories have English Lavender and English Rose.

Product provided by PR/company for review. Honest opinion.


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