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Adira Woman ~ Farewell Stains

“ADIRA in Hebrew means a WOMAN who is STRONG, NOBLE and POWERFUL”

And every woman is ADIRA. And ADIRA is a brand that represents every woman.

Adira is a bunch of Unique Products that come together to provide an innerwear wardrobe for a woman that is PRACTICAL, FUN, FUNCTIONAL, EMPOWERING, LIBERTING and even ROMANTIC.

Most of Adira Products are made with 100% Cotton as they are best suited for the skin.

Some of the products are made with a mix of Cotton and Spandex.

Before going into the review little information about the product (Quoted from the website)

What is a Period Panty ?
Well, they are just like regular panties; except they are leak-proof. With Adira Period Panties, you don’t have to worry about staining sheets, clothes or furniture. And there is no need to fret, they are made of 100% Cotton and are SUPER COMFY and are 100% Safe to Use

Why should I use it ?
No one likes to leave a stain behind or have a stained behind. And what’s more, stains area breeding ground for bacteria. So Adira Period Panties keeps you clean and stress-free.

How does it work ?
The special fabric is made of 3 layers. The first absorbent layer, the second layer is the leak-proof layer and  the third cotton layer. All the layers breathe to keep you cool and comfy


What i have to say ... 
During those days its almost impossible not to get conscious while standing up after sitting for too long at one place or wearing your favourite pink , white any light coloured dress. I (we) hate the fear of staining specially during heavy flows, its takes away 50% of my confidence and at the back of my mind i keep thinking about what will i do if my dress/jeans gets stained.

I got Black Period Panty-Boxer from, the product claims to be leak proof , skin friendly , breathable fabric and Hygienic. These period panties come in two different types, Boxer and Hipster.
Boxers provide over all protection whereas Hipsters are good to avoid back and front staining
 Personally i prefer hipsters over boxer , they appear more feminine to me but security wise boxers are best choice for those days, they not only protect the front and back but also the inner thighs during heavy flow or when you have to sit for hours in office or school.
There is basically two layers of fabric where the pad is supposed to be placed, one is the outer fabric and on the inside there is a leak proof fabric with two loops to hold the pad in place.

I haven't tested them till now but the fabric does feel soft and comfortable, i would really recommend these to working women and school girls, sitting for long hours with stained inner wear can lead to infections, rashes and not to forget bad odour. With our day to day activities at times the pad twists and turns which can cause leakage or shifting of the pad but the loops in the period panty seems to provide good hold.

Colour Available : Black, Navy Blue , Brown and Marron.
Available at : HERE

For more information check out the website HERE

Disclaimer : Product provide by the PR/ company.

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  1. Even I received them for review purpose. Just waiting for 'that time of the month' to test this out :).


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