Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chambor Stay On Water Proof Eyeliner Pencil Shade # 306 Forever Navy : Review , swatches and EOTD

I don't know why people assume that just because i am  a blogger and i make  videos on YouTube i wear makeup every single day, but i wear makeup occasionally and on very rare occasions you can see me in complete makeup, like foundation, blush , bronzer, lip liner, lipstick etc.. you know what i mean.

During my school days i didn't even use to wear kajal not even mascara, i still don't wear kajal as you might have noticed but i cannot ditch mascara :P, sometimes i wonder how this beauty / makeup community has changed me. I feel that the changes are positive, i feel more confident and happy, Oh... and special too. :)

Makeup is not to hide or change the way you look, its just to enhance your features !!

Currently i am loving coloured liner i love to wear them in different ways, mostly i love to smudge it at the outer corner it enhances my eyes making them look open with a touch of colour.

Recently i purchased 3 Chambor eye liners, i paid for 2 and got one free (ordered from Blisscovered)
The one I'll show you today is
Chambor Stay On Water Proof Eyeliner Pencil Shade # 306 Forever Navy


with flash

without flash

My Thoughts :

Keeping the review short and to the point I'll say that this liner stands for what it claims
  • its waterproof and doesn't smudge on the upper lashline but on me it does smudge on the lower lashline after few hours.
  • It has a creamy and soft consistency so it glides easily on the lids (its not over creamy)
  • Nicely pigmented two swipes are enough to get the right coverage
  • Staying power is also very good, i have little oily lids and still it stays in place the entire day (on upper lash line)
  • MRP Rs.370.00
This liner loses little points for ...

  • If you rotate the pencil more than required you cannot get the liner stick back in, so you have to be bit careful.

This is it , hope you find this post helpful.

See you soon.

Which is your favourite coloured liner ??


  1. Deeptima... your make-up is always so clean I love it :D
    and I love bloo liners too :)
    I will get this one when I'm there :)

    1. Thank you Bee.... when r u planning to come ?

  2. Lovely shade, I do like Chambor liners but find them quite pricey for the quantity. But they do have some very temtping blues 7 navies in their collection

    1. i hvn't seen all d shaded yet.. but ya they are pricey...

  3. I hve Forever blue n i love it too. :) n u hv lined ur eyes so beautifully Deeptima :*

  4. Its a nice shade! I could defo see myself using this baby! xoxo

  5. WOW! It really did a great job... Now i wanna buy this too... Love your blog and the kind of presentation you do...As i know you are the member of Oriflame... Would it be possible for you to review about Oriflame Beauty Eye Liner Stylo? IF yes i'll wait for your reviews on this product.


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