Monday, April 9, 2012



The Tommy Hilfiger Group announces the opening of its1ststore, located in Panjim, Goa. Situated in the capital of the sunshine state of Goa, the new store provides an ideal setting to present the Tommy Hilfiger lifestyle: including menswear, womenswear, footwear, accessories and Hilfiger Denim collections. The store is operated under a license to an experienced retail partner in the region.

This vibrant 140m2 store has been carefully designed to reflect the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s “classic American cool” style. In-store, combination of various elements pay homage to enduring icons of Americana. A mix of vintage leather furniture shares floor space with artifacts of pop culture such as New York license plates. The centerpiece of the store is a striking chandelier, decorated with abstract graphics that reference the colors and symbols of the American flag itself.
The classic paneling in black ash combined with dark oak floors and patchwork Persian carpets to provide a distinct character to the menswear collection. The womenswear section, features mulberry striped walls and elegant lighting.

The new store is completed by the Hilfiger Denim and Tommy Hilfiger footwear and accessories collections. Individual items feature vintage styling and authentic details, finished in premium, high-end fabrics. The brand’s footwear collection offers classic styles with a preppy twist, including Sportswear and Hilfiger Denim lines. A full range of accessories is also available in-store, including bags, watches, sunglasses and wallets.

 The success party saw the presence Bolloywood celebrtires Prateik, Shahzahn Padamsee, Sarah Jane Dias, VJ Bani, VJ Yudi, Designer Bina Ramani. The crowd was seen dancing to the tunes of DJ Aqeel. 

Prateik at Tommy Hilfiger after party- GOA


Bina Ramani at Tommy Hilfiger after party- GOA

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DJ Aqueel at Tommy Hilfiger after party- GOA (2)

Sarah Jane Dias at Tommy Hilfiger after party- GOA

Shazahn Padamsee at Tommy Hilfiger after party- GOA

Yudi at Tommy Hilfiger after party- GOA



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    Filakia (kisses in Greek)

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