Sunday, April 22, 2012

Makeup for Teens / School makeup (no eyeshadow)

For me the worst part of schooling was getting up early.. sob sob... and the fun part was that 20 minute ride on bus to school and way back. As my dad got transfered to different places and i had to change my school and every time i had to start everything off from the beginning, it was no fun... but i got to know so many nice people and gained little wisdom :P
why am i drifting from the topic ???  sigh... same happened while recording the video :( , had to cut off half of the video because i kept blabbing..

Here is the look i came up with

  My cam's battery died just after i finished recording, mean while the batteries were chanrging i started playing around with my hair :P , made two pig tails.. hehehe

Here is a close up...

Here is the video

Products used:
NYX eyeshadow base
Avon Kohl liner
Elf Quad in Drama (black shade)
Lakme compact
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk/ any white liner pencil
Elf lash curler
Elf undereye concealer and highlight

Hope you like it !


  1. awsome............even when i had gone to school never used make up.........bu u really done a good job i like it

  2. This was a lovely tutorial.... ur eyes were very neatly done and pressing the eyeshadow to make it stay longer was a good tip.

  3. You suit yourself in all avatar Deeps ... JUST LOVELY


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