Monday, April 9, 2012

Niju Brightening Essence Mask - My experience

Components :

1. Sheet Type Essence Mask easy & effective Skin treatment
2. 23ml/sheet contains more essence.

Special Features :

1. Aloe Extract moisturising and Skin Soothing
2. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate(Licorice Root) preventing skin trouble and making skin healthy
3. Vitamin E & Collagen increasing skin elasticity and brightening

(Note : this post was drafted around a month ago.)

I never tried any type of masks before this one may be because i never felt the need for one or i was just to lazy. I had few masks lying in my drawers since last winters and i was waiting for the temperature to rise as these masks have a cooling effect and my skin was really dry during last winter.

To make your masks work more effectively its suggested to use them after exfoliating and cleansing your face.
Do not use if you are facing blemishes, pimples , irritated or sunburned skin.

See how moist and hydrating it looks. ^_^

I used my favourite Cleansing Foam from Konad  and pat my skin dry.

Carefully take out the mask from the packet and with light hands unfold it apply on your face,  just sit back and relax with cooling pads or cucumber on your eyes :)
Sadly i was in  a rush and i was moving here and there with the mask on searching for my stuff and getting ready :(

After 20 mins i removed the mask and and allowed the moisture from the mask to seep in.  20 minutes later after i removed the mask i just lightly squeezed the mask and still there was a lot of moisture/ glycerin/water in it.

My Experience :
Although i have quite light skin i really felt that my skin looked little bright and glowing after the usage. There was not a huge difference but yes my skin felt and very soft and supple for around 7 to 8 days. I thinks is very affordable and it will Replenish your thirsty summer skin.

Price : Rs 60.00

Other Masks also available HERE.

For other Konad products, masks, nail art supplies visit , you can even pay cash on delivery.

I hope you find this post useful, i have few other masks as well do  let me know if you want me to review them  . (or i might give them to one of you to try and review on my blog, let me know if you are interested.)



  1. Hey Deeptima...this is looking interesting!!! I would definitely love to try out some.

    1. Shruti can u please contact me on my email id :)

  2. I love sheet masks :) will try and order from them :)

    1. Bee ye to Indian website only :( .. but u have soo many options there :)

  3. I love masks...They always keep skin cool and supple..:)) Right now I use Body shop masks..Will try to get sheet masks...:))

    1. i need to try Body shop masks :) thanks for stopping by.

  4. Deeptima, Can you recommend any mask or sheets that i can buy in USA. I have very dry skin on my face and at times during winter it's worst.


  5. Hey Deeptima, Can you recommend any mask or sheets that i can use in USA. I have very dry skin for my face and during winter it looks very dead skin. TIA


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