Monday, April 30, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Primrose 668 , Swatches and Review + Bloopers

Revlon Primrose is the most talked about lipstick on Youtube and its mostly out of stock, i have heard so many  Youtuber's mentioning how hard it was for them to get hold of this shade, as shown in my previous haul post, i managed to get Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Primrose and Nicky told me that this was the last piece, can't thank her enough for getting this for me !!! Thanks again Nicky !

The reason i wanted this lipstick was Hollyannaeree's (Youtuber) discription about this lipstick as a pinky pink shade in one of her video. So, i had really high hopes for this lipstick.
The moment i twisted the base of the lippie and that pretty pink bullet came out to say hello to me.. i was so flattered, but sadly when i applied it on my lips... it turned out to be a blue toned pink , rather , kind of lavender pink, sigh... another blue toned pink lippie in my collection.

Can you guys PLEASE recommend me a GOOD pinky pink lipstick ??

Coming back to the review and swatches.

MY SKIN TONE :  As most of you know i am pretty pale , i have yellow undertones which are more prominent during summers with some pink/red undertones as well (during winter's red undertones are more dominating ). So during this season this lipstick looks little pale on me , but after it sets it looks just fine. I assume that during winters this shade would look prettier.

I still like the lipstick , its very light lavender pink lipstick very wearable, It might look different on different skin tones (obviously :P) but will work on almost everyone.

some picture and Swatches

Swatch has been taken on my sister's hand , she is one shade darker than me and she is more towards the warmer tone.

Revlon primrose tops the list for being closest dupe for some MAC lipsticks , some of them are
MAC Snob
MAC Gaga
MAC Lazy Day
MAC A Rose Romance * (see Swatch HERE)
 MAC Creme Cup
these are just few names, am sure there must be many more in the list.

(The list is based on other online reviews, i personally don't own these lipsticks so i am not sure how closely they resemble to each other)

Here is how it looks on me

About the lipstick:

Primrose is a creamy lipstick with no glitter or shimmer, it does look shiny on lips but i always blot and blend it to make it look more natural for me. Honestly i don't bother to reapply my lipstick during the day but i  make sure that the lipstick doesn't leave white cast on my lips and am really glad that this lipstick doesn't do that, it wears off leaving hint of pink on my lips.

I was having a bad photo day :P , all my attempts to click a decent picture failed, so i kept trying and trying,  was not sure which once to share so here are some of them.. enjoy :P

Few crazy clicks just out of boredom (dunno why i am even sharing them O_O.. anyways.. :P)

And lastly here is my eye makeup of that day :)

Hope you enjoyed the post !
See you soon .. mwahh !! <3


  1. though its blue toned,looking very pretty on you:) nice pics

  2. Awesome post. Thanks :) I'm a new follower :) Check me out & follow if you like :)

    1. Thanks Gauri , would love to follow you back :)

  3. I think it looks pretty on you. It's hard for me to find pinks that work well for me too. I have a lot of yellow undertones in my skin and when I get tanned I'm olive toned, so I never know what looks good other than clear lip gloss lol.


    1. Hi Mavi ,
      hope do have completely recovered by now !!
      its always best to play safe with clear gloss :P

  4. Hey,

    You have a great understanding of beauty products!! I can never make out which color lipstick i should wear $ what blushes i should apply to look natural! But you are absolutely amazing! After watching your eye tutorial, i totally lost it on you! and watched all your youtube videos! very insightful! Great luck girl!

  5. will it luk good on pigmenented lips


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