Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Faces Glam on Eye Shadow - Pink Sequin Review and Swatches

I showcased Faces Glam on Collection in my Winter Makeup Tutorial (Here), but i couldn't show Pink Sequin eyeshadow in the tutorial as i was completely broken when i received it, for all this time i stored it in an empty jar waiting to press it again.
Finally i fixed my broken eyeshadow and i even pressed few other pigments. Am not sure how the eyeshadow looked before but here is how it looks after pressing.

Swatches : 


Its a gorgeous shimmery pinkish peach shade with very fine golden shimmer, i cannot comment on the texture as i pressed it but still it's very soft. I felt it is not very pigmented (may be its too light for my skin tone), once you apply it, it looks peachish on lids but after some time it looks soft pink.
The staying power is decent , you need a good base for this eyeshadow, will NOT work without a good base it will just disappear within half an hour.
With primer it stays on for 2-3 hours (my lids are little oily)

Hope this post was useful for you !

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  1. it would have been great if it was a bit more pigmented na ?

    1. i thought mine was not working well as i pressed it, but i think the eyeshadow is like that only, u r right it should have been more pigmented .

  2. Hi Deeptima..am a silent readr of ur blog..following u..pls do visit mine n support..:)

  3. Hi Preetha , am following you back :)

  4. Woww this shade is very pretty but this wont show up on my pigmented lids I think!

    1. even my lids are pigmented..i will make your lids little shimmery :P


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