Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FOTD : Nude flat shoes and side braid

Summer is taking a toll on my skin , pimples , redness , rashes what not :(
These days am avoiding foundation and cream blushes (no makeup days :P) , and i make sure to clean my face nicely twice a day and i splash water several times a day , trust me it does help :)

When my skin is not healthy i don't feel happy :(  , so today while going out i decided to play with my hair lil bit and i tried a messy fish tail braid which by the end of the day got so messy that i had to redo it into a normal braid (which you can see in the FOTD picture)

I ditched my all time favorite pearl studs and wore hoop earrings and stacked one arm with black and blue bangle with my Turkish evil eye bracelet.

Oh.. my really excited to share with you my new nude flat shoes which i ordered online, they look so cute but they bite :( ... but i still love them ^_ ^

Here is my FOTD

There is nothing special in this FOTD but i still wanted to share it with you all, do let me know if you are interested in seeing more FOTDs here.

I hope you guys had a wonderful day !!

see you soon <3


  1. wow! U look sexy :d. The fishtail braid looks lovely and eyeing ur sunglasses.

    1. aww... thank you :P the sunglasses are by aislin... they are on heavy discount on healthkart :)

  2. these days even i'm on no foundation dharna.. lol
    and the shoes are just so cute:)
    baal kaatne se pehle even I tried messy braids a lot.. but woh 2-3hrs hi rehti hain naa...
    btw- aviators suit u a lot :)

    1. hi Bee :)
      No foundation dharna .. hehehe... on third day hair braids stay for few hours but on freshly washed hair O_O ... just an hour :(
      Thank you <3

  3. u loookkk sooooo nice deeptima....muahhhh....n why d hell all cute ballerinas bite the cnt wear these kinda closed thngs..they bite me a lit...even back chain they are indeed cuteeeies....i neverthless keep purchasing..hahaha

    1. aww... thank you Khushboo :)
      u r right all ballerina style shoes bite :( but they are good when you dnt have to walk too much :)

  4. Those shoes are super cute Deeptima..and I am loving the glasses too :)

  5. make up or no make up, you look pretty always dear :) and have you tried a little bit of hairspray to keep your summer braids in place? you can check out my blog for your acne problem..

  6. Btw I needed eye make up help.. I've always used just kajal and an eyeliner sometimes.. would love to do a neutral make up with eye shadow to define my eyes a bit more.. can you suggest a basic 3 colour matte eye shadow set for me? I love your eye make up tutorials..


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