Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Niju Girl Black Cats eyeliner Review (Konad)

Recently when i was looking for new liners and mascaras i came across Niju Girl's liner and mascara on nailsandbeauty.in , the consistency of these is unlike other liner and mascaras i have used.

Today i would be talking about the goods and bads of the Niju Girl Black Cats Eyeliner.

The packaging of these liner (and mascara) is really cute and girly with pink and white lace design, the bottle of the liner is also very cute with long handle and a felt tip brush. The consistency of the liner is not watery but its not dry either.
I'll jot down few points about the product so that you can quickly go through the review

  • The lines is jet black, and it has a little shine to it , which i personally like as it stands out and makes my eyes look pretty :p
 this black-black liner can be little bold for those who prefer brown and soft liners
  • The felt tip makes it really easy to line your lids as thin /thick as you want
  • Dries fast ( +5 for that) 
once the liner dries it might feel little stretchy for some time (when applied thick line)
  • The long handle provides more control and grip even a beginner can use it with ease.
  • The liner is water proof, doesn't smudge or flake (another +5)
continuity of  the liner can break in between if  you apply a too thin line

  • Can be removed easily with makeup remover without giving you raccoon eyes :) it kinda peels off (very gently )
  • I felt the quantity is less for the price you pay , but its worth a try.(click HERE for the Price)

Here is the proof that it can survive rain , tears and sweat.

  I rubbed the liner with dry finger but it stayed in place then i placed my hand under water tab for the water test and then i pat it dry you can see in the picture it stayed in place.

But its really easy to remove just use a lotion OR makeup remover.
I got it from nailsandbeauty.in , click HERE to check it out
Final Verdict. 
I am quite happy with the liner as the staying power is really good , it doesn't bleed or smudge in the heat and sweat and the bottle is cute and makes the application easy and quick.
Little disappointed as the quantity is less and its made in Korea, that means it might not be a cruelty free product.

Hope you liked the review.


Disclaimer : Product sent for review, am not affiliated with the brand or website and am not being paid for this post. 100% honest opinion.


  1. i was looking for a jet black liner. I am tired of using the indian options lakme,colorbar etc. This seems exciting!

    1. even i have been using Lakme from a very long time :P .. u might like it :)


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