Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Nature's co. Fuller's Earth Face Pack - Benefits and Review

Delhi is sill waiting for monsoon and the weather is soo humid... ahhh.. i hate this weather.
PLEASE GOD make it rain..
If you have read my previous post and remember that i was complaining about my skin breaking out and i mentioned that am following a different skin care routine, this is one of the product that helped me a lot.

It all started with one teny tiny acne and then another one and another.... :( you know how it feels..

Meet the life saver.. ;)

Product claim:

Get glowing skin with this highly effective Fullers Earth Face Pack that acts as a beauty mask. It removes toxins and excess oil from your skin giving you a glowing complexion. Apply this ready to use pack to you face and neck , avoiding contact with eyes. Use twice a week or as required. Avoid using wet hands or applicators directly intot the jar. Always keep the lid closed and store in a  dry place.

I have a normal to dry skin, and i usually don't use the normal multani mitti as it makes my skin drier, i had similar thoughts about Fuller's Earth Face pack but after using it the results were all different.

 I use it with Rose water , and apply it all over my face or at times just on the active pimple/acne. Let it dry and wash off with cold water :)


i really like this face mask to the extent that i keep forcing my brother to try it :P , it does what it claims and trust me it dries up the bad boys in one application. Just because i have dry skin i use it once a week on entire face and direct on the problem spot whenever needed.
For the first use i felt a very mild tingling sensation near my upper lip and around the nose but it didn't cause any redness or discomfort, the the mild sensation was there just for few minutes.

I only drawback was the price , Rs.995 for 200 ml , which i feel is expensive, but again you get a lot of product in there, this will last me for a long time.

I'll conclude by saying that if nothing seems to work for you , stop wasting your money on useless products and give this a try, this will serve you for more than an year and its all natural (and cruelty free.)

Hope this post was helpful !!

Do comment and let me know if you have tried this products, or anything that worked for you.


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