Thursday, December 27, 2012

Niju Girl Pretty Dolls eyes - Curling Mascara and Volume Mascara Review

UPDATED on 27/12/2012 
As on today i would say this is my favorite mascara these days , its no more too liquidy now and gives me beautiful fuller looking curly lashes all day long. 
P.S : i got complimented on my lashes on several occasions . Even my mum asked if i had falsies on.

(Original post drafted on 20/7/2012 )
Today , after using Niju Girl Pretty Doll eyes Curling and Volume mascara for one complete month I decided to review it.
I don’t LOVE the mascara (but like it) nor do I dislike it , even after using it for a month I still have mixed feelings for it.

These Mascaras are made with wheat proteins and natural waxes extracted from bee hives, the mascara coats the lash follicles to maintain a healthy look. The product also creates a film around the lashes to prevent any smudging by water or sweat, for a long-lasting, fresh look. The all-natural floral extract in the formula protects the skin near the eyes by minimizing irritation to the sensitive areas. The use of hollow-curve threads allows the liquid to evenly surround the brush, maximizing the curling effect through covering the inner lashes and curling them from the root.

The product stands for its claims, the formula is little similar to Avon long lash mascara.  The mascara is more toward the wet side which is good if you want to make your lashes look longer. I really like the wands of these mascaras.

The reason why am reviewing both the mascaras together is their similarity in the formula, I think it’s the same formula in both the mascara, the only thing which is different is their wands.
Curling mascara has a slightly curved wand and volume mascara has a comparatively thicker and denser wand.
This is how it looks on me:

What I LIKE about these mascara’s :

  • They don’t smudge
  • Waterproof
  • Long long staying power
  • Do NOT flake at all
  • Can be removed easily without getting raccoon eyes
  • They does make my lashes stand out as they have a glossy finish and are the blackest mascara I have used.

They could have been better if :

  • The volume mascara was a lil (very little)dry
  • The wand gets loaded with the product because its gel like and I have to slightly clean the brush on a tissue to remove excess product, it causes wastage of the product.
  • Because of the consistency of the formula it does not separate my lashes, (I have to use a separate thick wand to make my lashes look fuller)

Would recommend it to you if :

  • Long- lasting waterproof mascara.
  • You are looking for a dark black mascara.
  • You already have thick lashes(or you have time and patience to use another wand to separate your lashes)   (updated )
You can buy these mascara on click HERE 
Price : Rs 470 /- 

Curling Mascara - 4/5
Volune Mascara - 4.5/5

Hope you find it useful.

Product sent for review


  1. The packaging is such a weird shape! xx

  2. Looks like it does an average job. There are so many other mascaras for the same price.

    1. ya , u r right... i usually apply this when i have no makeup on... it just makes my lashes stand out(coz its so black)

  3. lol...tree climbing mascara. i love mascaras and i keep trying all different ones. i think i shall pass this off as its not volumizing like you say. thanks for the review dear.

    1. amm.. "plant" .. hehehe
      am glad the review was helpful :)


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