Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NOTD feat. Faces Nail Enamel Kermit Green 50 + Review

Hello Ladies ,
i know its been a while since i posted my notd here, i do keep sharing it on my facebook though.
few days back i got a lovely hamper from Faces (thank you faces) , would show you other products soon.
 I got this green nail varnish called Kermit green and the shade reminded me of Kermit the frog from the movie The Muppet... its a fun movie.
Coming back to the NOTD and swatches,
here are some pictures of Kermit green
 The brush is not like normal round brushes we get, its little flat which makes the application easier,
you can just apply one coat if you don't want the colour to stand out , its pretty opaque.

On the drying part, it takes normal time to dry (not fast drying  ) 

Here is how it looks with 2 coats..

I dint feel like leaving the colour as it is so i decided to add some design to it, leopard print..
I so love this colour with animal print, i did try zebra strips first but i liked the leopard print more, here are the pictures :)

I know it looks a bit messy around my nails, i messed up while cleaning the skin around my nails :P
it looked better the other day..

I hope you liked my NOTD and the colour, these nail varnishes are available in smaller sizes too.

PR sample


  1. looks so nice with the leopard print :)

  2. loved the color and totally loved that leopard print.. :* :*

  3. wowww its so so so beautiful..very pretty color n very creative design


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