Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bronzed Cranberry Smokey Eyes Video Tutorial

Inspiration Picture
(If in case you are the artist or you know the artist who created this look please let me know, i simply love this look )

Please Note : This is an inspired look, it might not look exactly the same.

Please Click HERE to view the Video Tutorial.

About the Look:
In the actual look i am guessing (according to google) MAC cranberry was used on the lids, which is more like a rusty deep maroon eyeshadow, that's why i used a cream base from the same colour family underneath Inglot Pearl eyeshadow 450 to intensify the shade.

Products Used :
NYX eyeshadow base - skin tone
Inglot eyeshadow Matte - 360
Coastal scents eyeshadow - buttermilk nude
Inglot eyeshadow pearl - 450
Faces Blush - Light Bole 02
Incolor Glimmer blush
88 shimmer palette - Lime Green

Vega crease brush
Sigma E55 eye shading brush
Vega Blending brush
Sigma tapered Blending E40
Elf eye shadow brush
Coastal Scents Crease Brush
Vega angled brush

Buy Sigma Brushes here:


  1. Wow Deeptima you are pro! Love your eye make up videos...I am looking for a good crease n blending brush n u mentioned u used Vega... Could u please share the brush numbers? Thanks :))))) Priya

    1. aww.. thank you so much Priya :) , sadly they dont have any number on it, buy it online as some website are selling vega brushes on discount. it just says eye shadow brush :/

  2. this is so beautiful the blending :)

  3. Lovely Deeptima :-)

    An award and an interesting game is waiting for you in my space...Please do visit and collect it :-)


    Today's Recipe
    My Third Award And A Game

  4. I liked ur interpretation of the look that was portrayed. Nice job. I think the girl got that intense color becoz she used some MAC paint pot underneath otherwise the colors wouldnt be so dark!

  5. This is the link to the blogger whose picture you sked about---

  6. Great job deeptima...luv ur eyes :-).. Navv


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