Friday, August 17, 2012

Faces Nail Favorites French02 - Air brush nails Review + Demo video

Ello ladies,
when i reviewed Faces Nail Enamel Kermit green i mentioned i received a small hamper from Faces , Faces Nail Favorites French02 was also a part of the hamper (it had a small paddle brush too. will post soon). Personally i don't like wearing false nails as i thought they can damage my natural nail bed, but i really like these Faces air brush nails.

Snapshot from the video (that's why poor quality picture)

I was little disappointed when i found out that the applicator was missing but honestly it wasn't much of a problem, you can do well without it.

These air brush nails are reasonably priced at Rs 299 and you get 24 pieces, so you have lot of options to try and see which fits your nail perfectly.

These are great if you have very tiny nails or your are running short of time to attend a special funcation , these are perfect for every occasion.

  • They don't look cheap / fake on your nails
  • The edges are not sharp and perfectly trimmed 
  • The nails are not very thick nor very thin and fragile that they can break easily
  • Dries fast
  • Can be reused
  • Many designs available
  • Despite having 24 pieces i couldn't find the perfect match for my middle finger nail
  • One or Two nail fell off within few hours of application
  • The glue stayed on my nails even after i removed the falsies for more than a week (i did not use acetone ), but once you buff the surface its no more a problem
Here are some pictures followed by the video.

Click HERE for the Demo video on my channel.

Leave a comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

Have a great day !! :)


  1. They definitely look awesome !!!! how much do they cost !!!

  2. I ve stopped using these nails, my sister got me such pretty looking nails from US, but they fall off so soon :-( but these ones look so nice on you :-)

    1. even i had to carry glue in my bag, just in case :P


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