Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guide to cleanse your body and lose weight

I received an email just on time when i realized i gained few kgs and it was time for me to start working on it.

Molly Brooks along with a team of designers and researchers have created a graphic which shows how people can go through stages of cleansing their body by what they eat.

I found it really interesting and i am following it from tomorrow, sharing this with all of you so that you can join me too.

I'll keep you updated if i cheat and if i see any difference in my skin and health.

Guide to Cleansing

Created by:

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  1. Hey! your post is pretty interesting and quite similar to my review of my new favorite green tea and how it helps me keep my weight in check.

    You may check the post here-

  2. Wowww dips u r very genious as well as beautifull!

  3. such a useful post :)
    and ive tagged u in a post on my blog... do check it out thanks :)

  4. It seems to be quite a useful post. I am also looking for some ways to reduce weight.

  5. Great Post! I am always on a prowl for fitness related articles :)



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