Monday, September 17, 2012

Incolor Glimmer Blusher 06 Review and Picture

So, here is what you all asked for , review and pictures of Incolor Glimmer Blush which is more of a bronzer for me. Keeping the review short and to the point so lets get going.

Here is how it looks


before i start talking about the product, here is how it looks on my face
Incolor Glimmer Blusher 06 - Code TU 134

The very first fact that annoys me is that there is name on the product, it just says the ingredients on the back and a Code (134)  with manufacturing date and expiry date.So i cannot be specific as in which shade i have. It say 06 on the bottom right.

Its a copperish bronze colored blusher which golden fine shimmer in it, which makes its useable for fair as well as dark skin tone. It adds warmth to my face with some definition.

The pigmentation is pretty ok and you just need a little bit at a time. You can even build up the colour.

Staying power is not so great but if you use a good base (primer/cream blush/foundation) it can last upto 4-5 hours
The Shimmer fades off first (which is ok with me) leaving behind a warmth to my face.

Am really not sure about its current Price , as online is been sold for around Rs190- Rs225 , but i  got it from a store years back for Rs150.

For darker skin tone this can be a good highlight for night out as it doesn't look so dark if applied in right quantity.

Personally i don't like shimmery blushes, these can be too shimmery if applied as blushes , these are good if used as bronzer and highlight.

How i use : 
i usually apply it with my matte blush, i swirl my brush in my blush and then touch it in this product and apply to the outer area of my face.

If you are planning to buy these blushers i would suggest you to buy the bronze , brown , or light highlighting shades.The pinks , corals, reds (you know what i mean) won't look that great because of the shimmer in it specially on mature skin as it will accentuate fine liner and pores.


  1. they've increased the price of their products recently as they are getting popular. good review :)

  2. It gives you such a wonderful glow... Very complimentary to your skintone, will make sure to try it!!
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  3. I love the color..can it work as a bronzer? And is incolor an indian brand? I gotta find it!

    PS. This is Shivani here from YouTube (EverythingPink17) - the Crafts girl :)
    I would love if you could check out:

  4. i am totally totally loving the cheek swatch :-* :-*

  5. Oe I simply love this color.. Me wants 1 too :))

  6. Thank you so much for the review!! Now, i would safely go ahead and give these a shot!

  7. I love shimmery bronzers, this kind of looks like a mineralized skin finish.


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