Friday, September 14, 2012

Incolor Glimmer Blusher - Where to buy and insight

Hey all ,
A lot of you might have seen this picture on my Facebook Fan page , it was my DP for a very long time :P
i received a LOT of messages from my fellow bloggers and friends regarding Incolor bronzer which i have used in many videos and tutorials on IMBB.
I really love this product because its really cheap and works very well , never broke me out and lasts forever.
It is more liked a baked bronzer and doesn't fall out much.
I purchased it years back for Rs150 (approx) , its not available everywhere but not very difficult to find.

Today while surfing on online stores i came across SnapDeal's huge range of Incolor products and they have soo many blushers, which i never saw at the store. (Click HERE to check out the blushers)

I don't know if Incolor has increased the prices or its just monopoly...

Hope you find this useful, let me know if you wish to see swatches and review (eyeshadows too)



  1. Oh girl, this is a wonderful look and the blush is gorgeous.....

  2. I loved this product of yours ....when I saw this in one of our video I loved it ....but in other beauty blog I didn't get good response about this one

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    1. its works fine for me :) , not all shades are that great but it also depends how and for what purpose you use it :)
      btw whts cooking in ur rasoi today.. i love your recipes <3

    2. Leave my recipes madam ..... Now a days ur are cooking yummy yummy cupcakes :-) kash I was invited :-p

  3. I love that purple shadow. Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear. It looks great on brown eyes and I love how you put that look together.


  4. You just put this up in time!! I was browsing through flipkart and had come across these and ever since, i have been ithcing to lay my hands on these. But not finding that many unbiased reviews, I decided to wait. Could you do the posts asap please?

  5. snapdeal has incolor!!?? i've been wanting their eye pencil since ages now. heard it's jet black and stays well :)


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