Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My weekend in pictures (FOOD)

What will you do if you get 20 - 25 kbps when you pay for 1 MB ??
Annoying ?? Right ?? This is what i have been facing for the past few months , all thanks to MTNL Delhi..
Me and my brother have been calling up there customer care like crazy,  the representatives are so lazy, arrogant and ignorant ... grrr.. !

Anyways, after a boring (for me) and hectic (for him) week we decided to treat ourselves with some delicious food and headed to TGIF , it was all occupied everyone was waiting for a seat and so did we. 
The waiting made us more hungry.. hehehe here is what we ordered...
jack daniels sesame tartar chicken with quesadillas

Baked cheese potato and fried mozzarella

Baked cheese potato, chicken wings and fried mozzarella

grand martini

electric lemonade
Oh no... am feeling hungry after seeing these pics again :P
It was an amazing day, after lunch we shopped and tried to walk as much possible .. we kinda overestimated our hunger and over ate a little.. he he he

Then on Sunday , my favorite mama (mom's brother/uncle) visited us with his family, the moment his kids used to enter my room i used to run behind them fearing that they might break my lipstick or other products... lol.. all in all it was again a fun but tiring day.

Me and my uncle made Chicken Leg Curry and it turned out great, honestly he made it i was just helping him and was recording the recipe :P

Here are the pictures

If you are interested in knowing the RECIPE please Click HERE

Hope you liked and enjoyed my yummyfied post.

Will see you soon
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