Monday, September 17, 2012

Uniqso -GEO Xtra - WTA44 Brown Lens Pictures and review

Am sure everyone out there must have thought of wearing colored contacts at certain point of time in their life, there are huge variety of contact lenses available and you can find them all at .
I received a pair from them some time back, and this time i chose Geo Xtra WTA44 Brown(a.k.a 3D series) Lens.

Unfortunately i guess my contacts were defected, they felt very uncomfortable, but the customer care at is very friendly and responds back really fast, they asked me to stop wearing them, but still i wanted to share some pictures with you all , hoping they help someone whos planning to buy these :)

The lense came in the tiny bottles which were sealed, they also sent a lens case in a cute teddy cardboard box, soo cute !!

I have no idea why they call them 3D lens but i liked how they blend in with my eye colour, you can see in the picture below how those tiny dots at the inner part of the lens makes the lens look natural (obviously not natural in regards of the size)

Before and After

The Lens looks cute but always remember not to wear lens if they cause trouble.

You can check out more lens on

I would recommend this site as the customer care this really effective and quick , they sent me a fresh pair after i experienced discomfort with the initial pair.


  1. these look great on you because your natural eye color is not dark brown like mine so the design of the lens pops out on you in a good way! Too bad these won't show that much on my dark brown eyes. Great review though ^_^.

  2. Hey Deeptima! may i know what r u wearing on ur lips? they look amazinggg :)


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