Monday, October 1, 2012

Faces Styling Brush - Small ♚ Review ♚

This is a  long due post ,dunno how i forgot to post it, i always carry this Faces small styling brush in my bag and this is my FAVORITE hair brush nowadays.

 This a small anti- static paddle brush with smooth, round-ended bristles penetrate hair safely for gentle styling. Anti-static rubber pad gives maximum grip and control. Stlying brush for on-the-go grooming.

I would highly recommend this brush to you if you don't own a paddle brush. Its reasonably priced at

र159 and works well.
Paddle brushes are used to remove knots and tangles without damaging , pulling and breaking hair, their wide bristles massages your scalp. They do not provide volume but are great to get silky and smooth looking hair.
As the season is changing my hair gets super static, but this brush never made my hair static.. you know why i LOVE this brush.

After all this is a brush, what else should i expect from it. I just LOVE it


  1. Wow! nice, sweet n short review.....I havn't used a brush yet...only combs.

  2. oe btw the brush din make ur hair static or ur brush

    1. oppsss... thnx Sheetal... corrected .. hahaha


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