Friday, October 26, 2012

Glow in the Dark Halloween Nail Art

Hello everyone,
its soooo good to be back, did you notice the new banner and layout ? I felt my previous layout and banner was quite kiddish and over girly and pinky-pinky :P , for the time being this would be my new banner (would be changing soon) as i desperately needed a change ( my Gemini traits :P)

October has not been that great to me , i had horrible breakout, sprained my wrist , got a deep cut on my thumb while emptying my room for painting (was scared to get stitches but it heeled on its own),  broke some makeup , the walls of my room look horrible (might need to repaint it myself)...
all this kept me away from Youtube and Blog :(

But anyways, i got some amazing nail art stuff form, one was Luminous nail paint aka glow in the dark nail polish, which i think is amazing for Halloween. Am dying to do some halloween makeup look/tutorials lets see if i am able to do them on time.

This is what i came up with... it looks much more better in real (in dark) , it was so difficult to click picture in the dark, am still learning to operate my new camera.

Click HERE to see the tutorial.

Hope you like it !!

Get yours from here :
The Shade i used :

Check out other Cool Nail Polishes here :

Disclaimer : All items in this video were brought by me except the Luminous Nail Polish, which was sent by


  1. Oh you got hurt? that's bad ! glad you are ok now !
    I liked the previous girly wala banner..even this is nice too ! and the nail paint looks amazing ! :D I have a bit request can you just change the position of this sponge bob cartoon ! it comes in the way of reading and comment box ! :)

    1. thnx for the feedback... i removed it !! :)

  2. This looks fun <3


  3. This is interesting <3



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