Sunday, December 9, 2012

A (historical) day in my life + UPDATE

I cant think enough how to start this post , its been such a long time i blogged .
I was in semi-depression mode , nothing serious to worry about i wasn't able to adjust with some sudden changes in my life. Everything is great and better ....

So yesterday the sun was really bright and we decided to go to Dilli Haat , on reaching there after the CRAZY Delhi traffic we saw the parking was full and their was a longgg line at the entrance and at the ticket counter. Obviously we changed plans and out of no where we decided to visit Safdarjung's Tomb, while we were crossing this place "HE" said that he read somewhere that this place is haunted at night, then what we reversed our car... :P

Some pictures for you all

Safdarjung tomb reflects the last phase of the Mughal style of architecture.
Safdarjung's Tomb, a beautiful mausoleum was built in 1754 by Nawab Shuja-ud-Daulah, the son by Safdarjung. Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan popularly known as Safdarjung, was the governor of the province of Awadh under the reign of Mohammad Shah, the Mughal Emperor, and later made the ruler’s prime minister. The tomb is a beautiful monument counted as a major heritage and historic sites in India.
(To read more head over HERE)

There were rooms on both the sides of the entrance, this is were the guards lived / took rest.

 There were many doors on the ground floor like this, am wondering what was behind these mysterious closed door...

These flight of stairs lead towards the cenotaph to both Safdarjung and his wife's grave.

The main tomb has a large dome and there are four water canals that leads to four buildings placed within the premises (including a fountain, seen after the main entrance)

The ceilings of the whole tomb are decorated with painted plasterwork. The marble and sandstone used in the construction have been removed from the mausoleum of Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khanan.(Read more HERE)

The interiors reflects two religions , and its beautiful to see how creatively the artists have merged in Islamism and Hinduism. Respecting both the religions and their deities.

In the picture below the engraving depicts a peacock (head) , "surahi" (here) and rose (i hope i dint miss out anything).  The two opposite walls have this Islamic engraving and the other two opposite wall are dedicated to the Hindu religion.

In the Picture below if you can make out that difference, the engraving on the wall depicts a swan "hans" Saraswati's vehicle (hindu goddess of knowledge) , "sankh" (here) and Lotus (again i think there was a forth element :( )

Above is the picture of the roof , and i was standing right in front of the grave , the roof has both rose and lotus petal engraving. Isn't it beautiful ?

Above here , you can see the beautiful "INLAY" work at the entrance of the tomb (where the grave actually is). Here again you can see  how the artists a have merged in Islamism and Hinduism.
The green leaves and blue stem are holy colours for Muslims and the red flowers (again both lotus and rose) and yellow (dots) for Hindus.

You can see the grave in the center

The entrance gate again has the inner most part like a Mosque's entrance and the second layer like a Temple's entrance.

The above script is in Arabic (above) and Persian (below) , i can't remember what exactly the guard told us. :P

 On our way back !!

There was so much more to tell but i realized the post is long enough. Hope you liked the post !!

See you soon may be with my BHcosmetics eyeshadow haul.


  1. you know, i actually feel like running away to some place just like this :(
    your post makes me feel so nostalgic.

  2. Am glad you enjoyed this post !!


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